looking to make homade pc

i am going to make a couple of homade pc's for my cary 805 anniversary mono's. any reccomendations for the cable. i'm using FIM iec and connector. i love neutrality and the stock cords worked much better than audience powerchord in this particular application. any suggestions? have been reccomended to try xlo ref 2 type10 by a very knowledgable audiofile buddy with great ears.

aloha keith
I like the XLO ref 2. So much so that I wound up with a half dozen extras, which I'd now be willing to sell, since things are pretty much finalized with my setup.

Check the wire size (gauge) on your amp's stock PCs. They should be at least 12 AWG (like the XLO) The Audience you tried might be smaller (like 14 AWG) -- not a good thing for amps.

The XLOs also have a double floating shield, which stock cords don't. Stock (OEM) cords have no shield, or if they do, it's connected at BOTH ends (due to UL regulations for OEM cords) -- which can result in hum problems, and which is why most mfr's. don't bother to supply their equipment w/ shielded PCs, even though they'd probably like to, if they could do it properly ;--)
Try to locate an A'gon member named Ernie Meuner (sp?) whose moniker is Subaruguru. He sells DIY pc's and powerboxes that are fun and easy to build, sheilded too, and not extravigantly expensive.