Looking to make a change, need advice

I'm looking to down size my equipment. To make room for HT in my rack. My 2channel stereo set up includes a Odyssey Stratos Amp w/ Antique Sound Labs AQ 2004 preamp. I love how the tube preamp compliments the Odyssey amp. Would I lose any sonics by purchasing the Jolida 1501 RC Intergated Amp rated at the same watts 100 as my amp.Really enjoy the performance I'm getting now. Would I making a mistake going to a Hybird amp?
Why change what works? Why try to fix something that isn't broken? Etc. I would (if happy with my system) spend the money on new music software. There are so many fine remasterings of great performances (jazz, classical, rock, etc.) available today plus new stuff that any extra money would be more than welcome. Maybe your rack manufacturer is able to add another shelf.
"if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
Why comprimise by getting a hybrid of totally different design? Also, by going to less pieces, you limit flexibility, uprgradeabiliy (is this a word?) and will have less ability to "roll tubes".