Looking to hear from Space Tech Owners. Tube amps,

Would this be a good choice for Tannoy Canterbury's
Any other suggestions. I listen to all type of music.
I am not an owner, but this looks like an interesting line.
I have Canterbury SE's, and have Bottlehead Paramount 300B's,
Primaluna Prologue 5, and Decware Zen Torii MK III amps.
The 8.5w 300B's are lovely and very good for most music until
it gets complex and you want it loud... Clarity Cable speaker
cables and high performance power cords help, but still...
So my Prologue 5 has 36wpc, no neg feedback, KT88's and is a great performer at about $2K. My Torii MKIII is 25wpc, $3K,
uses EL34's and is fully choked, tube rectified and features
a circuit that gives extreme detail and excellent musical
satisfaction after a 3-4 month wait while it is hand-manufactured in Peoria, IL.
Good listening!