looking to go from seperates to intergrated

I currently am using a ARC Ls2b matched to a classe DR-9 amp and would like to consolidate space. any thoughts on a integrated that would be an improvement to my current system. My speakers are von/VR2's.
Thanks in advance
You need to give more info if you want other than generic recommendations or WAG's. What speakers, how loud do you play them, what size room, sonic preferences, tubes or SS, playback components and budget.
Candidates, depending on budget, cost in your area, availability; might include the YBA Passion Integre, the Lavardin IT, the new Classe integrated (DM series, I think), ARC VS i55, ASL Leyla (sufficient power?), the BAT VK -300X, Copland CSA 29 , VAC Avatar, Simaudio Moon I-5, Bel Canto eVo 2i, the new Edge integrated - good grief, everyone who makes good separates is getting into the high-end integrateds.

That's just scratching the surface. Not helping you narrow down much..., not sure of your VR2's power requirements.

I haven't heard more than four of these myself, without a chance to really compare - but I thought the Classe integrated pretty terrific with Wilson Watt Puppies. The rest, I confess, I suggest on the basis of reviews.

Let us know how you make out; I've got a soft spot for a nice integrated myself.

I know we have some YBA enthusiasts around (Warrenh?). Anyone compared it with the Lavardin, new to the North American market?
Although it is not a compact physical package, the Aronov LS-960I is an easy recommendation. I have played it through everything from mini-monitor Spendor LS3/5A's up through big floorstanding Clements RT-7's (transmission line bass, ribbon tweeter), with pleasure.
From a listening perspective, it is an "improvement" over most other realistically priced integrated amps, and also a "bargain" at a used price in the $1500 range.
Newbee is certainly correct that there is no universal unit, but the Aronov is at home with a variety of source, loudspeaker, and room choices. It is a unit sounding so fine that one does not feel restless to replace it.
Do not overlook the Cary SLI-80 Signature. What an incredible unit!
THE VON SCHWEIKERT VR2's ARE 8 ohms nominal 20watt min 200 watt max,I am currently listening to the arc Ls2 which is a hybrid tube ss this matches p well with the DR-9 smooth transparent sound with nice sound stage. my musical taste range from Blues, rock. jazz etc:. my current room size is 13x18 this could change in the near future. I would like to spend between 2000 to 3000 and would spend more for a keeper. I am looking to possible expand later to home theater and need capability to handle that. I love to turn the volume up a notch when I can, but most of the time where listening at modest levels. How do some of your rec compare to levinson 383 jeff roland and BK design group.
I've heard the DK VS-1 Reference with some Von Schweikert speakers and it sounds great. It certainly doesn't make any compromises at its price point by being an integrated. (The DK Is a hybrid, by the way.)

A Jadis Orchestra Reference has just been put up for sale (not related to me) for $1950 asking price. It sure looks great as much as a virtual component can impress in an ad.
Since my Aronov recommendation would also be a great match, but is not for sale used today, that Jadis sure looks comparable, at a higher "bargain" price for an esoteric piece.
I heard the Jeff Rowland Concentra 1 Integrated driving a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers and was very impressed. It's an excellent sounding amp with plenty of power to drive most systems. Looks great also. I have the JR Synergy IIi preamp, so I like the Rowland sound. I see this amp on Agon right now for $2700. Rowland has a 5 year transferable warrantee which migitates your risk of buying used.
I see the, Mcintosh MA2275 going for $4,000 and the SS MA6900 for $2,900, second hand.
Sugden or Accuphase make wonderfull Class A integrated amps but don't see them used very often. Expect to spend $5,000

used Audiomat Solfege..very powerful, great sounding, rare on the used market
Just wanted to thank everybody for your input, and give some feed back. I got out there to give a listen to some of your recommendations all were worthy contenders. Not to get to tech here: I found the Bat -300x hybrid integrated, sounded great until I compared to a pathos TT which turned out to be my favorite. I demo sim i5,levinson 383,Mac MA2275 and ssMA6900. They all sounded good putting the lev,sim,and Bat together as far as similar sounding equipment with out breaking out their individual nuances. The mac MA2275 and the pathos TT where closer together in sound with the mac being a little warmer . The TT seemed more transparent crisp in the mids and highs and a surprisingly tight base. No processor loop though? Thanks
Thanks for sharing that account of your quest. Anything you care to add about why you settled on the TT amongst the other Pathos offerings , the Logos, and the Classic One? What are they asking for the TT these days?Many good things written about the Pathos line; I hope to hear them some day soon, but will have to travel for the pleasure...
Have not had the opportunity to listen to the classic one or the logos, my interest has been peaked by their cinema x system which has more capability towards a/v with no loss in audio. This unit is modeled after the logos with more power in stereo mode. Will have to listen to both . Will inform
Did have the opportunity to listen to the logos was not as impressive as the TT sound wise . TT had a fuller sweeter sound costing 5500 plus. Not sure of reliability .
Your comments are pretty interesting. I much preferred the BAT over Pathos TT and Logos during my testing. I thought the soundstage was much better on the BAT, but this one was a hybrid version.
Sean and other Members

The TT is a classic amplifier.Match with the correct speakers and you may be in Audiophile heaven ! Also not a "Fashion product" but a long term investment.Has stood the test of time as far as audio equipment goes....a present and future classic..clean and clear sound,its lasting impression.

The Logos...please note that much better results can be achieved by using different tubes.I have tried the following- Electro Harmonix 6922,Siemens CCa's and Ei Elite Goldpins J6D8 (Note: Have to change the pre stage fuse from the standard 1A to a 2.5 A,otherwise this tube blows the fuse as it needs 400mA compared to 300mA of the 6922's)All these tubes are much better sounding than the stock Sovteks.The Ei tubes may not be that long lasting.Using the Ei's at the moment and it has wonderful tone and balance,quite impressed !Siemens CCa,still THE tube...

Unless you really need the extra power,soundwise I think the Cinema X ,for stereo purposes,may equal the Logos in quality of presentation.

Pathos INPOL 2,perhaps the greatest of them all ? This may perhaps be my next amp.....!!!

By the way,I think Pathos and Merlin gel very,very well !!

Oh yes,the styling isnt bad either...actually,gorgeous !

I have had no reliabillity problems,exept the blown fuse,which was my own doing.


It seems to be a preference thing! A friend preferred the Bat hybrid super tube over the TT . I thought they both sounded good but preferred the TT.

I have come full circle on my thought process becoming more indecisive as I go. I like the sound of my Classe DR-9. may be a good pre-amp with by pass processor capability and remote is the way to go, and just loose my LS 2b.
Any coments