Looking to get the best sound I can

I hope I'm posting in the correct section. My two channel audio system got an honest review from me tonight. I finally got to a point in my hobby where I realized that sound dampening is required. I strategically placed several acoustic panels in positions that removed most of the echo's and reflective sounds. The result was amazing in terms of imaging and soundstage however I also heard something else that I hadn't before; I may have realized the limitation of my system or perhaps the limitation of a system unit . The sound, now that the reflections are gone, is somewhat muted or sterile. I'm thinking that this may be due to the amp I'm using. It's a Jolida 302A. It's hooked-up to maggies 1.6QR's, a Simaudio Eclipse CD and a CJ preamp. I'm thinking the sterility is a result of the amp I'm using....? Is this it? It's the least expensive unit in the system and perhaps in this case you get what you pay for... What do you think?
Althought I don't feel you need megawatts to drive the 1.6's the 50w of the Jolida may be a limiting factor. Also the quality of this amp is lacking I feel for the Maggies. I would audition some higher power tube amps; say 100w at least. VTL, Quicksilver, Vac and Audio Research come to mind
I agree with Ahendler. You need more wattage for the 1.6's. They fall flat and dull without the proper amount of wattage. Your lively room was helping you out. Once you get enough wattage, you are going to be in for a pleasent surprise.
When you said "muted", that may mean you put too much acoustic damping. Sometimes too many acoustic panels could deaden the sound. You can play with different positions and/or the number of the panels.
One place I can promise you that you don't want to put absorption panels with Maggies is behind them.
They have the same sonics behind them as in front of them.
They need the back wall reflection to sound their best.
Do experament with the panels, just one put in the wrong spot will kill a room.
Two things Maggies have always needed: lots of stable current and high damping factor to control the panels. If you go with tubes, then you need these in spades to give life to the music and control the panels.
I agree with Audiolui. It is easy to over dampen a room which can push your power requirement way up or you are increasing the volume to recover something you miss in the sound due to upsetting the tonal balance.