Looking to get into Sonus Faber on a budget... Is it worth it?

I recently visited a showroom in Atlanta and fell in lust with Sonus Faber products, which seems easy to do asthetically and for the sound.

I cant stop thinking about them but largely out of my budget ($2-3k) for new speakers.

My current, modest set up is:
Denon DP47F Turntable (fully restored)
Jolida JD9 Tube Phono Pre Amp with "upgrade 1" package
Jolida JD3502 Tube Amp (integrated - 60x2)
B&W DM604s1 Speakers... They sound good but I dont believe they’re a great match for the amp and lackluster looks

I think I could get into a used pair of Venere 3.0 or Venere S... My question is in your opinion would the upgrade be worth it? I have also been looking into a Primaluna integrated amp in the future but starting with the speakers.

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Given your budget, I’d go used Sonus Faber. You can acquire a higher level speaker for that budget.

I would also consider used Chario or Diapason, both are Italian speaker companies, like Sonus Faber.

In fact, should you be open to it, a used standmount from any of these three Italian speaker makers, at your price point, will buy you a lot of speaker.

All the best.
Considering your budget, definitely go used Sonus Faber. Don’t be afraid to look at older models. My Electa Amators were about $5K in the early 90’s (including stands), and go for around half that today. They still look and sound as good as the day I brought them home.

 I would definitely go used to get the most speaker for your limited budget. I would also not discount older models as long as the condition is excellent. Check if the surrounds  and leather pieces are dried out or cracking. I bought my Elipsa SE as dealer demos at a very good discount. The were only a few months old and barely broken in.

I would search Hifishark and Audiogon for speakers in your area. Also ask your dealer if any of his demo speakers are for sale. You can search Audiogon by zip code. If you find something interesting in your area, ask if you can see and hear them in person.

 Get the best possible speakers you can even if it means putting off other upgrades. That way you won't be looking to upgrade again in a year or two. Constant upgrading is expensive in the long run. I made a plan and worked toward it. Each piece I bought, I planned on keeping for a long time.

I'm not sure of the pricing of the various models in the new Sonetto range, but they are getting very nice reviews.  I believe they are basically replacing the Venere line. 
Be very patient. I mean as in 12 months of watching. Learn what a good value really is for Sonus faber. Then figure our how to triple your budget.
Kidding. Buy what you can afford. Forgo that vacation.
here's another italian speaker manufacturer you might want to take a look at.
even the LiL Concertino sounds lovely driven by tubes....

I agree , be patient.  My Dad has a pair of Concertos , Concertinos. Walls, and Solo.    All bought used,  separately , and like new for much less than they sold for. That system still sounds incredible...

Some people are dreamers when selling SF, but if you are lucky you can find them priced right.  
Patience has paid off for me many times when it comes to used equipment .  
Thanks everyone! I think the Venere 3.0 is going to work best within my budget and room size. 

I'll continue to check all the avenues for a used pair in Walnut. 

If anyone comes across a pair, please let me know!
I ultimately ended up with a pair of new Venere S from a close out special. I just couldnt swing the Sonetto 8.