looking to change speakers.

Hi,i am looking for a change,maybe i just got the bug.I am currently using Tyler Linbrook signatures.I have them paired with a Bryston 14bsst,DeHavilland Ultraverve preamp,and Sim Audio Super Nova.Was thinking about Von Schweikert 4SR or possible the VR5 .Cant find any dealers hear to listen.Anyone think its a step backwards?listen to most all music and like to crank it sometimes.
Grab these...a huge step up.


Note: not my speakers...I wish they were though!

I just bought the VR4SR-MKII's and currently own the Legacy Whispers. Compared to the Legacy Whispers the Von Schweikerts are able to produce more Nuances, Textures and layers to the music. I am hearing things on recordings that I have listened to on the Whispers a dozen times before and am hearing things I never heard before. I am struggling getting the kind of thump your chest bass though compared to the Whispers. The bass on the VR's is tight and articulate but I have not gotten the authority yet I am after. The manual says 300 hours of break in time is neeeded to lossen the cones up, also I will play with palcement in my room. Currently from the center of the speaker face I have them 2' 2 9/16" from the side walls and 3' 10 7/16" from the rear walls. There is a sense of ease when listening to these compared to the Whispers. They will also go loud without chasing you out of the room. I have never listened to the Tyler Linbrook Signatures, so I went to their web site to take a look. The Tylers look to me like they have some very similiar characteristics to the VR's design. What is it that you are exactly after by wanting to change speakers. I wanted a better sense of instrument placement, depth of field and more subtleties. That I got from the VR's over the Whispers, but I am not fully satisfied with the bass yet. Searching for nirvana is a bitch. Good Luck in the New year. Indiana_Jones
High I posted a thread earlier to your question. I just had a thought. If you are within a reasonable distance of the Chicago, IL. area, you are more than welcome to come over and listen to my new VR4 SR-MKII's. My email is ead8000@msn.com All The Best Mike.
indiana jones, just for kicks, try tilting the focus 20/20's forward a little so the tweeter aim towards you ear(a little tilt). Tell me if it improves the placement,depth,etc without negative effects. I want to see if anyone else prefers this setup as I do.