Looking to change my amp, need help?

Right now I have an Esoteric AI-10 integrated amp. It is 110 watts into 8 ohms and 150 into 4 ohms. Decent power. The problem is it has no pre outs an leaves me no options down the road to add more power or use a sub. I'm good with my source, a Bryston BCD-1 and my speakers, PMC OB1i's. I have been looking at the Krell 300i, it has more power and pre outs. It is half the price of the Esoteric though, so is the build quality inferior? I do like the idea of a having one box because of space constraints but I am also looking at separates that are small such as the Wyred 4 sound STP-SE preamp and SX500/SX1000 mono's. Also there is the Wyred 4 Sound STI-1000 integrated amp as well. One other option is the Peachtree Audio Grand integrated. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Feel free to offer other suggestions as well. Thanks in advancs.
It depends on your speakers. My Montana XP uses 7 drivers and is 4 Ohms. You would think the Wyred would be a perfect match, but compared to a Cary SLI-80 and a Wyred ST-1000 and STP-SE preamp I prefered the Cary. The Wyred combo was excellent in all areas of dynamics and bass, but totally lost it in the mid and highs. Cymbals sounded like someone tearing a sheet of paper. I have heard that Class D amps don't mate well with low impedance speakers. I don't know as I don't have a bunch of speakers to try it out on. Also, my friend has the STI-1000 integrated and 8 Ohm speakers and it does sound wonderful. So there may be something to that low impedance thing. Or, I could just be a tube lover and don't know it. I am also looking for a new amp... the "Holy Grail" of course that will give me the best of both tubes and SS. My short, but getting longer list is (in no order) Pass, ARC Ref 110, Ayre, Modwright, VAC, TRL Sampson, Cary 120, Plinius and on and on...

I will be goinf to AXPONA in Jacksonville early March and will be carefully looking at amps. Good luck to you as well.
Oh, I also forgot to tell you that you could hook up a sub using speaker level inputs. I do it and it works fine. With such a high impedance the Cary SLI-80 doesn't even know it's there sipping a little juice. Kind of like a fly in your soup.
I have been using an ATC SIA2-150 ($4300.00) in my system since last spring and am very happy with it. It has pre-outs for dual sub or amp use, remote, tape loop, and 5 inputs. Class A/B and is highly biased into class A for the fist 50w or so. I searched around last winter and bought mine on a recommendation from my speaker manufacturer, and preferred it to the Pass Int 30A. Do a search and read all of the very favorable reviews of this integrated. I'm using mine with a pair of monitors and dual subs. The monitors drop off at 100hz so I cant comment on the true full range sound of the amp, but it is made by a company that primarily makes studio gear.

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