Looking to change from Thiel 7's

I am going to get rid of the Thiels. I am not very happy with them. I have had to have the 7'2 rebuilt twice and the same with the 3.6's. I am running Classe Omega amps and pre amps with Cardas cables. I would like reccomendations on a good speaker that can handle the Omegas. I do like to turn it up at times ans am looking for something that still has the sound quality but also can take a beating from the Omega's.
Thanks for any thoughts.
Cerwin~Vega will make your ears or the amp cry uncle. What beating?
Big Duntech, Dunlavy, or big Maggies will make your amp out of juice.
I have palns to go visit the "local" Thiel dealer in Gulfcoast Alabama, maybe June. Gotta see what thats all about...Or do you suggest I save myself the trip?... This Sunday I'm headed up to Isola Mississippi to hear the Tyler 3 way, Ty's System 2's. I'm bring my Thors along as for comparison. Monday I'll post a comment. until then I can only suggest you take a look at the Tyler line.
My friend used to use the Thiel 7.2s as well.
When he wanted a better speaker, he upgraded to the Avalon Eidolons.
He too likes to listen at loud levels.
He listens mostly to classical, so he really pushes these hard, and has never had them serviced.
(He is the second owner as well, so they appear to be built to a very high standard.)

His past amps have included the Classe CA-401 (His solid state reference amp), the VTL MB-450s, and the Rowland 501s, all of which were very high powered.
(He has since settled on the Lamm M2.2s, as having the best sound of the bunch, and I agree. Interestingly, they are the lowest powered of all the ones listed, and yet they drive this speakers quite well, and the bass is controlled with an iron fist.)

My two cents worth.
Legacy Focus 20/20, my dad uses them with 500 watts of Classe power per channel,,,, very nice and can really pump SPL's!
Look for speakers with Dynaudio drivers, they have high power handling and can take >1000 watt of short term dynamic, even on a 1" tweeter! I won't get into their sound quality as everyone has their preferences.

Without knowing your budget, I will say Dynaudio Contour or Confidence can be a good starting point.
Maybe go get hearing aid.
I would find the largest, baddest disco speakers available-I would start with Cerwin-Vega and also look at Bose, just to be sure...
I have had 7.2s for 7 years and have never had any problems. I use them for movies and music. You must have a BIG room or are getting some serious ear damage.
Perhaps the speakers need to be repaired?
Magnepan 20.1s. A great match with the Omega amps. Or just about any amp for that matter. A speaker well worth auditioning.
It is **possible** that there is something else "spiking" in your system or power supply? Over the years I've twice had defective ampflification that toasted my drivers (usually at normal playback levels and once during power-up). A swap out of amplifiers remedied the situation. The funny thing was, these energy spikes were not even audible. I have a recording studio and over the years have also blown DOZENS of drivers in various speakers through over-driving or carelessness (easy to do at 2am after a 12-hour session), but I know which times it was beacuse the speakers were given more than they could handle and which it wasn't. Good luck.

Studioray is right. I've read that amplifier clipping and distortion is worse for speaker than good clean power.