looking to buy mcintosh audio

mac-amps mac-pre amp mac=tuner mr78 mac-speakers vintage ml1c,ml2m and xrt18,20,22 vintage Bozak concert grand 313 or 410 model
I love Mac gear. Had lots of it. You don't mention your music likes so its
Hard to direct you. My favorite solid state Mac amp is the now ancient but still credible MC2300. It will drive Any load you can image with thunderous reserves of power. Ridiculously underrated at 300 wpc. I also like the C-29 preamp, though they are hard to find, as everyone keeps them.

Mac tube gear is amazing and very musical, especially their preamps.
The MR 78 is nice I had one. So little quality FM to enjoy these days.

You might consider vintage Citation gear or even some older Krell units.
The KSA 50, has always been a favorite. So many choices, so little time.
I think what your asking is for the paid classifieds.