Looking to buy floor standing speakers in $1000 per speaker range.

Looking at Goldenears 700s. Intrigued by Ohm 1000's. Probably running older NAD 7225 PE. I would love to hear suggestions.
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No other Canton fans?
Tekton Lore are $1,100 delivered. Lore 2.0 are $900, and Lore Reference are $850.
I may have told a fib on NHT. Their site is still up. I sent them an e-mail to see if they are actually delivering.
You owe it to yourself to check out the Spatial Audio M3 Turbos. I spent a full year auditioning speakers, and listened to pretty much everything in your price range -- Teckton, Zu, B&W, NHT, Magnepan, Def Tek, KEF, and many more. For me it came down to the Spatials and the Goldenear Triton 2s. I went with the Spatials to replace my Klipschorns and haven't had a single regret. They are a marvelous speaker -- great sound, detail, and an amazing sound stage. These speakers are hard to beat. 
I just heard back from NHT. THEY WERE ONLY CLOSED FOR A SHORT TIME IN 2009. I pray I have done them no damage!

jonathan@nhthifi.com12:30 PM (56 minutes ago)

Hi James,

NHT shut down temporarily in 2009 but Chris who has since retired bought it back shortly after. So, in short, yes, we're still here and still ship speakers direct.


Jonathan Sun NHT Audio, LLC. (707) 747-0122 x721