Looking to buy a power conditioner

I'd like to add a power conditioner to my system. Prefer to buy used. Recommendations please. I have a dedicated power line for my system.
Thanks for you input.
I feel fortunate to have found a used pair of Shunyata Triton/Thyphons.
They transformed my system.
Retail was $18K. Got them for $4.5.
Anything Shunyata is superb. The most advanced technology.
They have a division that makes units for science and medical.
I'm on the Underwood Hifi mailing list. Seems like there might be some good ideas to start there...


They might have some slightly used units for sale.

I can see the wisdom in buying pre-owned hifi equipment. But, for some reason, I hesitate to purchase pre-owned power conditioning gear. Seems to me that if there was anything I'd want to have the full service life and protection of in new condition, it would be in power conditioning.

An exception to this might be if I knew the previous owner, who was upgrading because his equipment had outgrown his power conditioning gear. 

Perhaps I could be convinced to change my mind about this. 

Good Luck.
I recently bought my first (used), an Isotek EVO Sirius. It has helped (e.g. seemingly lower noise floor), though the most obvious difference was in video. In fact, the difference was shocking!
I purchased a Furman it reference 15i brand new from an eBay store for a huge savings. Boyton-studio. Get a price from him and it'll be a lot less than anywhere else. I have no affiliation with him whatsoever. 
if you have a dedicated spur I’d go passive. I have very good results in SQ from an Acoustic Revive RTP-4 with their reference power cord
I bought 2 of the new Audience Forte power strips with the free Forte power cord (the CableCo web site has this deal. One of these strips is extra inputs for my filled up Torus RM15. The other one is for the family room gear. I am not sure if this thing helped the audio but on the video side both TV I have hooked up to it have a much better picture.

I trust Audience gear and just bought it without much research. Very happy with the purchase.

Audience Forte V8 Power Conditioner (thecableco.com)

There’s a nice Audience aR2-TSO available here at half price, and at a lower price point on US AudioMart there’s a Running Springs Audio Duke that’s below half price.  Both only offer two outlets, but you can easily add a good power strip to expand outlets if needed.  Best of luck. 
What amp and source do you have, I see you’ve asked about amps and a few cables but there’s no clue what they’re to work with apart from the Focals.
If you went for the supernait give the power conditioner a miss.
I'm running an Aesthetix Mimas integrated with a PS Audio PW transport/VPI Scout TT, Focal 1038Be speakers...
Starting my journey to find the cables that will work with my rig...
Budget, $600-$1000

Audioquest Niagara 1200 comes in right under you budget at $999.00
I have one and will never part with it.

All the best,
Check this one out https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/puritan-psm156-2 . I got one to audition and kept it. So far, I'm only using it on the front end components. Enjoy the journey. 
My main system has 2 Shunyata Hydra 4 and a Hydra 2 power conditioner. My other system has a Furutech E-TP80 conditioner.  I am thrilled with both. 
If you actually think you need one you may find this of interest:


A dedicated line removes any interaction of your system with other electrical devices in your home.

If you are concerned only about surge protection, you may want to consider a whole house unit at the service entrance.

I hope this helps!
Been using Furman for many many years, they stand behind their products, 
   They shut down my system completely, and helped save my gear one stormy night.   Will always use them in my system for protection and noise free audio.