looking to audition Running Springs P C--

Live in Chicago--interested to see if anyone has contact for selling above and allowing me to trial in my home with current equipment--and or, if you have a unit, I would compensate you for your time etc to simply plug a unit in, and see what it does for my system. Currently, CJ with Vandersteen Quatros--RS is highly recommended, however I do not want to lay out the cash until I have an idea of what I might be buying. Thanks---
Got a Haley you can check out in your system. Add @gmail.com to this username and we can work out the details.
Sorry to be source of bad news but I think they're out of business. I'm closing out my models.
Really. I love my Maxim.

I thought they had a business manufacturing capacitors, transformers and inductors as well that was the foundation of their business.

Go for an Audience. They sound great, the used prices for the non-teflon units are a steal (IMO) and they have great customer service. What more do you want?
Very good idea to audition first. Sad to hear about RS's fate. I was thinking seriously of carrying them until someone mentioned another product that quickly replaced his Dmitri once he heard it. I have one of those now and am breaking it in.
Brian @
2nd vote for Audience. Increased dynamics, better texture to music. I have standardized on their power cords and the AR12-TSS conditioner. Love them in my system.
Here's another vote for Audience. I have both the aR 6 and the aR 6 TS. The aR 6 handles the cable box, the Pioneer flat screen, and the Apple TV. The TS handles my amp, pre-pro, and CD/DVD. The TS is beyond the bucket great... I just wish someone would list an AR 24 Power Cord so I see if it's as good as they say.
so does anyone know whom I can contact regarding "audience" Power---??
Contact Jonathan Tinn @
Chambers Audio
4160 SW Greenleaf Drive, Portland, Oregon 97221
Telephone: (503) 221-0465
Email: info at chambersaudio.com
Great person to deal with!
I am up on the NW side (Edison Park) and use a RS Jaco in my system. Easy enough to unplug for a quick try if you are near by.
I am the largest Running Springs dealer in North America and can assure everyone that they are not going out of business. I have very recently delivered 4 units (in the last 30 days), shipped from the factory. I also have one of the new flagship Nicolai units here and it is awesome.

RTI (the capacitor business and parent company of RSA) was purchased by ATI Technologies (a large US based technology and manufacturing company). ATI has maven capacitor and RSA manufacturing to Pensilvania and appears to be very committed to delivering units and expanding the range.

I have sold Audience and RSA side by side and can tell you that there is no comparison. A less expensive RSA will outperform a more expensive Audience but I will leave the final verdict on that to anyone interested making a comparison.

Incidentally, RTI supplies caps to most of the major high-end companies (Focal, Wilson, Avalon, Aesthetix, and many others are on that) so is they and RSA were to go away, it would create and amazing void in the industry as a whole.
I have four Running Springs conditioners in my system and love them. Unlike many conditioners that I tried, the Running Springs do only good and no bad - my super power amp (600 watt sliding bias class A) is not limited at all with the Dmitri, only great sonic improvements.
I have a Dmitiri, Haley, and Duke in separate systems, and I think they're quite special. However, I've heard from a former RSA dealer (who dropped the line after the sale) that ATI bought the company for its RTI cap division, with the RSA product line being merely incidental. While RSA might still be in business under its new ownership, the factory has been moved to a different region and the products will no longer be made by the same technicians. The founder, who was also the tech guru, is no longer involved. So for now I'm wary of QC and new ownership's commitment to these products.
I have a Jaco and am curious on what PC you are using on your RSA? The new Jaco unit comes with a cheesy power cord...
I have used the WyWires Juice II on the my Haley, with good results. But when comparing power cords on the Haley when I brought it up to blusnbike1954's place, we both agreed that his Kimber Palladium was an improvement over my WyWires.

But, as always, power cords are a matter of synergy. We had a Shunyata cord (forget the model) that just didn't work that well anywhere we put it compared to the other cords on hand. Things just felt a bit more restricted with it in place, but I think that it would be a power cord I would look into if I had an overly bright system.

And the Kimber Palladium wasn't great with everything. If I am remembering correctly, into the CJ amp the cord made things feel too bright or etched. But into the RSA and his CJ preamp, it was our clear favorite.

Thank goodness for the Cable Company and other sources of cables that provide the ability to try the cord in your own system. For the best fit of cords and power conditioning, this is a necessity IME.
I use home brew cords that a dealer-friend makes from Furutech cable and ends.
I use all Hidiamond 3 PC in my system, they have blew away many cables I have owned and demoed but haven't compared my 20a HD3 to any others but don't they would really come close, they are that good...
How good is the RSA Cardas cord for the Jaco? Hear it's neutral and doesn't add any flavor...