Looking reccom. for tube pre amp for about 1000?

I have a linn lp12,lingo,ekos turntable setup, a linn wokonda preamp w/phono (which i'm looking to replace) powered by(2)linn lk140's.
A used Blue Circle BC21, maybe the new BC21.1 which I have not heard. BC will still make the BC21. The difference is in the type of tubes. A matter of taste.
I used avahifi.com pre amplifiers
They are very reliableand give better value for the money.
Conrad Johnson Premier 14
A used Counterpoint SA-3000 hybid pre with phono ($500-$800)...maybe a used Audible Illusions w/phono for $1000-ish. If phono isn't required, you could go with a Counterpoint SA-2000 (identical to 3000, but no phono) for even less.
Blue Circle BC-21 (using 2-each 6SN-7 tubes) - I second Sugarbie's recommendation. I am a satisfied Blue Circle BC-21 owner. I believe the BC-21.1 uses 2-each 6922 tubes.
I think Phild is on the right track. I would also add the MFA Magus to his list.
I'm happy with my BAT VK3i which should run between $800 and $1300 depending on options (remote, phono card). Balanced and single ended in and out, uses 4 6922 and 2 6V6.