looking pre tube for mc452

hi, im searching pre tube for my mc452
is conrad johnson et3 or AR good match ?

I have used Mc and CJ preamps with Mc amps.  CJ should be warm and lush if that is the sound you want...ET-3 should work well output impedance wise.  BTW, the MC452 should respond very well to a good power cable.  This may help give you the performance you are looking for.  Well done ICs and speaker cable will have a major effect on that amp's performance as well IMO.  As always, YMMV.  Good Luck!
thank you maxwaves
i tried tungsol and gold lion with c2300. Very well sound. but sterile with my wilson sophias.

CJ ET3 can be more smooth ?
I heard an ARC REF3 driving a MC402 a couple years ago at a fellow audiogoner's house.  I thought the combo was stellar.
I have owned all Mac systems (C1100 and Mc2102) and all ARC systems (too numerous to mention) and a few combinations of ARC preamps and Mac amps--the last being the Ref 5 and Mc 2102. Despite my preference for ARC sound (I have an all ARC system today), I can say without hesitation that the ARC pre with the Mac amp was the worst of both worlds. You are better off with all Mac or all ARC. Either of these combos will beat any combo of Mac and ARC that I have ever heard.