Looking or a Used player/Dac for under 2000.

Hello out there-

I am looking to improve my CD source. I am currently using an Arcam 7 as a transport and an Audio Note 1.1 Dac and am looking to improve sound stage and detail with a used product. I like the idea of a single box but I’m not married to it. I am currently considering a Mark Levinson 36, a Sonic Frontiers SFCD 1 and SFD 1MK II. I’ve auditioned the Naim 5, the Genki and the Ikemi and was not really impressed with the difference. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.
Hi, Hkvos. Although I've never heard your equipment, I'm a bit surprised you may find the Audio Note 1.1 DC lacking because I've read so many good reviews of it. It could possibly be the Arcam. I just got the new Kora Hermes tube DAC a few days ago, and think it's marvelous. Which digital cable are you using, and how about power cords? Cables especially PCs have improved my system in the ways you're looking for.
there is a BAT at audiogon for $2,200. for sure it is the best values in a single box, tubed player currently available.i own one that i purchased new and have never regretted the buy. it is a great player as is and can sound even better with tube upgrades. best of luck
Have the 1.1 Upgraded to the 1.2.
I had a 1.1 for a few days.It was ok.I then had it upgraded to a 1.2.Wow what a major improvement.
Anyone with a 1.1 get the 1.2 done to it.Mike Kerster of Audio Note North America here in Mississauga,Ontario can do it for you.
Well well worth it.
Look at the Cary 303. Mind you it does take a long time to burn in (mine took 2 months), but it is a remarkable machine.
If you get a chance, try to audition the MUSE 296. This DAC is excellent and a used pair can be bought for less than $2000.
First thanks to all.

I’m still trying to suss it all out. In response to Gunbei, I’ve got the power situation pretty well under control with a Nirvana Power cord running into the analogue section of a Bybee/Curl Signature and a SEEC line conditioner running into the digital section. From that I have Powerflow mains running into all my components.

Regarding the suggestions for the Tube based DAC’s and players I’m thinking that it may be part of the problem. I currently have a fully tubed system, Sun SV2a3PE mono blocks running through the Sun 3000 tubed pre-amp. My gut is telling me I’ll get more definition better imaging and soundstage and resolution (a more analytical sound?), with something like the Mark Levinson 36 DAC or similarly solid state unit but I can’t say for sure since I haven’t been able to audition the ML and as I was unimpressed with the Linn and Naim imaging. So here I am still in my quandary that I’m sure I’m not the first to experience.
Yeah, it looks like you have the power situation under control. So what you suspect is that with all the tube gear, it might too much of a good thing? It'll be interesting to see what happens if you change to an SS DAC. Maybe Natalie's suggestion of upgrading the Audio Note might do the trick for you. Good luck.
If you're not using silver IC's try it, that alone should liven up yout system.
If you can find a used EVS Millennium DAC you'll probably find what you're looking for. The Millennium DAC's strenghts include an absolutely voluminous soundstage and incredible detail, but not bright or hyped at all. It's also dead quiet, ridiculously dynamic, and is utterly transparent. In short, it seems like the Roto Rooter man flushed out my entire system and every last bit of information on a CD comes through untouched. The result is that instruments and vocals literally pop out in lifelike fasion within a crystal clear 3-dimensional stage. Ok, that's the best I can describe it. Best of luck.

Thanks all.

I have decided to go with a Cary 303-100. We'll see how it integrates with my system. I will post as soon as I've done some listening should be here in a few days.

Again many thanks!
The Cary is great. It provides just what I was looking for. It has a beautiful and large sound stage and lots of space and detail. I recomend it highly.