looking on preamp to match otl amp.

I have a fourier panthere otl amp.
which pre-amp is best to match this
otl amp.used and price range $1,500.

Fourier panthere
acoustat 2+2 soon will be sound lab
linn sondek lp 12 lingo PS
PS audio lambda
PS audio ultralink
van evert power conditioner
3 dedicated 20 amp line
polaris 2 speakercable

Thanks in advance for your help
Boy are you ever going to be in for a treat.

I moved from a 2+2 to a Sound Lab M3, although my M3 is now directly driven by an OTL, I did love it also driven with the step-up transformer on the Sound labs.

Good Luck on the pre-amp hunt.

I would ask this question at one of the OTL forums. ASOG (atmosphere OWners Group) or at Transcendental Sound w/ Bruce Rozenblit. I have his tube design book and he made a point of saying that OTLs are "fast" and that they need the proper front end to really work well. I do not have an OTL so I can't give you any direct info. He has a nice little pre called the Grounded Grid. You might take a look at that.

Also there is a guy here at Agon called "Tubegroover" who has a lot of direct experience w/ OTLs. Maybe he will chime in or you can email him and ask. Nice guy and sure he would give good advise.

You might consider a Joule pre, since all of Jud's amps are OTL but one I believe, presumably they marry well.
If phono is all you do, then you might try just a phono stage with a volume control, as a minimalist approach. If you want a full preamp, you might try the Supratek, from Australia, that is being heavily recommended on the "preamp deal of the century" thread in this forum.