Looking forImpressions of Zu Mini-Method Subwoofer

Does anyone here own the Zu Mini-Method, or have you heard it? I own Druids and currently use a DIY 15" sealed sub. I'm curious about the Mini-Method (2 10" drivers) and wonder if it can go down as low as my DIY sub. I assume it will be "faster", but can it go as low - that is the question. Also, any comparison to its big brother, the Method, are welcome.
It will easily equal the output of your DIY sub in depth, SPL and speed. I had Druids and a Mini Method which I sold to upgrade to Definitions. The Mini Method uses the same woofers as my Def Pros. It is all you will need. I noticed that Zu has the Mini Method on sale today for $999 as part of their Chrismas promotion, so if you are going to buy it, now is the time. It's a one day offer.....online only.
Well, I bought the Mini-Method - $500 off was just too tempting. I'll post impressions after it arrives.
Ordered one two days ago at 33% discount (web offer). Will post my initial impressions later this week.
Installed my Mini Method last night after work. This was my equipment setup:

(1) DIY SRPP 12AU7 Line Stage based on a Rozenblit deign
(1) 2A3 Stereo Amplifier based on the Kismet using James OPT
(1) APEX DVD Source (my Njoe Tjoeb is sick again)
(1) Zu Druid MKIV's - Silver Frost
(1) Zu Mini Methiod - Silver Frost
(1) 2m Zu IBIS Speaker cable
(1) Nordost Spellbinder RCA Interconnects
(1) Subwoofer fed line level via 6' Vampire Cable RCA cable

Sound: A
Looks: A+ (I just love the classic lines)
Value: B (Wife thinks $999 is too expensive, well maybe?)
Ease of setup: A+ (together with Druid speakers)
Price: $999 via the web offer

Initial Settings:
The crossover: 40 Hz
The Phase: 180ยบ (better integration at this setting)
Lvel set: Approx 9'Oclock to 10 O'clock (louder and my neighbors will knock on my door, guaranteed.)

I live in an apartment, so I can't crank up the sub too much at 11:00 pm (yes I left the office yesteday at 9:40pm!)

Highly recommended for people with Medium Sized rooms. I'm sure that larger rooms will require the Method not the Mini, or a Stereo Pair of the Mini Method.

Fast, musical and totally non-boomy. Spun some Jaco Pastorius CD got off the couch to dance a jig. Heard some Vangelis (So long, so far away) with great low end extension on some cuts. Also heard some Charles Mingus. Finiched with some Paule Speer (Desert Visions; Sculptures) sounded simply awesome.

My only regret,... not having enough money for a stereo pair. My wife might just throw me out if I had splurged for a pair. Am I happy, YES.

This product integrates 'seamlessly' with the Zu Druid's. I would expect that this product will break-in and sound even more musical. The quality of the built-in amp seems AOK.

I plan to test with the High Level speaker interfaces to see how the sound compares as to driver by RCA. Dr. Rozenberg would have called by setup a "discombobulation" as he was am ardent believer in never mixing SE amps and RCA driven subwoofers, Harvey recommeded driving the subs always throught the High level inputs. Issue here, the IBIS Spades probably are too large for the connectors in the Mini method, some adapters may be required, plus an extra pair of IBIS... $$ ouch..
Last night I connected the Mini Method to my A500 Harman Kardon tube amp. The Mini Method was connected via 1 RCA cable, the other end of the RCA was connected to the AMBIENCE control. The AMBIENCE is a derived 3rd channel via two 33K resistors and a 1.25K potentiometer that sums both channels into one composite channel.

I found that the subwoofer is so much easier to adjust this way. I set the sub level control to maximum and control the volume from the AMBIENCE control on the HKA500 front panel. Super sound and lots of synergy.

The Mini is a music maker, no doubt. Listened to Winton Marsalis; Live in Gabriel's Garden, superb resolution and great impact from the Tympani Drums. Then I spun some Nasio Fontaine; Universal Cry to enjoy the Reggae bass lines. Lastly prior to midnight I spun a Traffic 're-master' CD; Low spark of high heeled boys and was very happy that I have a sub now.

It's great to start to pay attention again to my music collection. The Mini Method has temporarily severed that tweako-equipment centric Hi Fi nut within me to one looking for more SACD and HDCD titles.

Your posts were great timing! I just received a pair of mini-methods (to use along with the Zu Tone's) a week or so ago, and am in the evaluation phase. After some initial tweaking, I do planning on keeping them. I'll post my impressions in a few days. In the meantime, let me know what else you find about them. Interestingly I am also using an outboard (stereo) volume control with the mini-methods controls set to max. I found it hard to adjust each subs level independantly. I also have the crossover set at 40Hz.

- Stew
Keep the impressions coming. I'm on vacation and can only 'listen' vicariously over the net. I will have a pair of Mini's waiting for me when I get home.