Looking for wireless headphones

I am having more and more trouble staying seated when listening to music.  I get get stiff and achy after a short while, so I was thinking of trying something wireless.  What do I need so I can pace around the house and still listen to music?  Headphones and?  I’d like to keep it below $1000 if I can, but...

Thanks in advance.

At that price you could get the HIFIMAN Ananda-BT Bluetooth ‘phones, link them to your phone and you’re good to go totally wireless.  If you don’t mind a short cable running from your phone in your pocket you could even use a wired headphone and get great sound and save $$$.  Heck, with a wired setup like that you could add an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and get even better sound yet still be very portable (I have the Dragonfly Red connected to HIFIMAN 400S ‘phones driven by my iPhone 6 ((or iPad)) and Qobuz and I LOVE it).  Obviously there are other great headphones besides HIFIMAN, but I just happen to be most familiar with them   Hope this helps. 
Hi soix,

I’ve thought about using my phone or pad also, but the Bluetooth on my 6s isn’t the greatest quality.  I was hoping to find Bluetooth 5.x or wireless straight from my router.

BTW, which Dragonfly do you have?

Thanks for the reply.

I have the Red.  I also tried adding the Jitterbug and didn’t like it at all — sounded veiled to me and collapsed the soundstage so everything was closer and upfront.  I’ve read the Cobalt is significantly better but also incorporates parts of the Jitterbug — must be the better parts.  Best of luck in your search.