Looking for warmth,openess, detail

I have an Aragon 8008BB power amp,Presence Audio tube preamp,Rega Planet 2000 cd player,Audioquest Coral interconnects.The speakers are Mirage 360s,they are 10 years old and need to be replaced.I need suggestions for speaker cable.Is it possible to get warmth,openness,detail,deep soundstage and good imaging from one brand of cable? at this point I have Cardas Twinlink,Audioquest type 4 speaker cables.
Yes it's very possible to receive everything your looking for in one cable. I have found it in NBS Statement and in Nordost Valhalla. Both are expensive beyond belief, although NBS used is much more affordable. The common thread here is copper and excellent shielding. I would try to find a pair high end copper cables used.
Pure Note will do that at a fraction of the cost, www.purenote.com. Do a search to see other comments on Pure Note.
if you're going to replace your speakers, why not wait - cables are synergistic with amps and speakers?
Audio Magic has gotten the job done for me. I now have the
Sorceror cable throughout including bi-wire speaker cables
and power cords. The system is so holographic that there
is absolutely no need for multi-channel. This line of cable
is probably one of the best kept secrets in the industry.
I can't speak for your pre or pro but I have a Rega Planet 2000 with Thiel 1.5s, Sound Anchor stands, and MIT cabling and I have all the warmth (MIT), openess (Sound Anchors), and detail (Thiels) I can afford. :-)
I think that everyone agrees that there are major differences in the way that speakers sound. I also think that everyone will never agree that there are major differences in the way that cables sound.

Now if your system is too bright, etc. (and my experience with Mirage speakers is that they tend toward brightness) and you are thinking about replacing the speakers, why fuss around with cables. This is akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

I think that the warmest, etc. sounding cables for you will be the ones attached to a new set of warm, etc. sounding speakers.
Please don't chase your tail. You should not use cables as tone controls. If your system is brght and dry--its the amps-speakers, if your system is rolled off and dark--its the amps-speakers. Cables only slightly enhance or diminish your amp-speakers. I suggest going to tube amps and high efficient speakers if you want more space and liquidity.
Looking for warmth, openess, detail - Humm, my wife says the same thing, never thought to get her a cable!
For Nordost Valhalla???? I would get certainly used tubed output CD player BAT VK D5 or Cary 303/200 or SS Meridian 524...
Rega players have never been worm even turntables.
As to speakers My choise would certainly fall onto Tannoy Definition series. All of them are excellent for the every pence or penny they cost.
Just a minor correction, Jadem6. Although the Valhallas are primarily copper conductors, they are coated with a thin layer of silver. According to Nordost, "Each conductor is made from optimized diameter solid 99.999999 Oxygen Free Copper that has 78 microns of extruded silver on the surface. The surface of each conductor is [then] highly polished." Their philosophy is to combine the best attributes of both copper and silver. Yes, Valhallas are VERY pricey, but from what I have been told Nordost has less of a profit margin on these than any other cable in their product line. And they are wonderful WONDERFUL cables! Happy Tunes!
Thanks guys for your input.I think that replacing the speakers is the next best move for my system.I am looking at a friends VAC 80/80 stereo tube amp that he wants to sell. This is fun and expensive,with emphasis on fun!
Johnny, I have to agree with Breuninger, he knows what he's talking about. I tried the same thing, and it doesn't work... I did what you are trying, TUBES. This will solve most of your problems.
Try some virtual dynamics cables. I'm just breaking in an audition power cord on the simamp. If the rest of Rick's cables are like this, I'm a believer. With one power cord the improvement is shattering....this is not somewhat better it is fundamentely more music. Enought said....Forgive my babbeling but I think this is a cable more people have got to hear...I never hear Krall or eva cassidy really perform until today....I'm still shaking my head at this..it's not about the equipment anymore. Rick is really onto something here....
Bluenose, I totally agree! I replaced all my Cardas stuff with the Virtual Dynamics and the difference was HUGE!
Like you said, everything is so much cleaner and more musical.
Johhny: You do not mention budget, but take a look at the OTA thread (do a search of "Sakura" and/or "OTA"). The kit will wire your entire system (speaker cables and IC's) for $600 and you should have enough cable left over for future configuration changes. The OTA thread has been active for approx. one year now and there should be posts by new user's shortly. If you decide to give it a try, I would do so with your current speakers (which might end up being much better than you thought).
Luminous Audio has a killer set of copper speaker cables called Renaissance. I bought those & two Synchestra Signature IC's & my system has never sounded better. You wouldn't believe the amount of detail for a copper cable in addition to all the other superlatives.

Also, they are not what I would call tone controls. They let the capabilities of your system be heard. I auditioned them on speakers/system I had for a year with the exception of the amp (5 months). I can't say enough good things about these cables!