Looking for warm sounding speakers

Looking for upgrading my present speakers (ADS L 1090) with something more modern. My preference is tilted towards warm sounding laid back speakers not aggressive in the mid range and not hyper detailed.
Electronics consist of RA opus 21 cdp, Symphonic Line Tube preamp and SS amp (130W/ch).

Want to remain in < 3K price range used or new.


Vandys were the first that came to my mind. Re: Sonus Faber. They were mentioned several times and some posters specified earlier models. I agree that the older models (I own Minuettos from the early '90s) would be a good call. However, some of the more recent models (I also own Cremonas) have A LOT more energy in the presence region and are not nearly as warm sounding. Just a "heads up" should you consider this route.

Let us know when you are ready to sell the A/D/S.
Have you thought about moving to tube amp instead?
they're pretty warm sounding.
Aside from that, there are quite a view SS amps that's warm sounding as well.
Instead of replacing the speakers, why not play with the amp first?
Some great suggestions have been made, the vans would also top my list. Try to get a listen to Tannoys. Best you go new and get the ability to demo them in your listening environment using your equipment. Dealer show room demo's will prove nothing. Don't fall for a bargain in used unless you can return them.
What size/range of speaker are you looking for?

I would look at any of the French speaker manufacturers: Triangle, Focal or (my favorite) JM Reynaud. All excel at the sound qualities that you are looking for:
warm sounding laid back speakers not aggressive in the mid range and not hyper detailed
Triangle and Reynaud will work espacially well with tube amps. With your electronics I would take a hard look at something in the Focal Chorus line or the Micro Utopia if you a monitor would work.