Looking for Vintage Gear to photograph

Hi, I am not sure if this is the righ place to post this but i will give it a try.
I am looking for those beautiful vintage electronics from the 70s and 80s. I have always been attracted by the extreme build quality and design of those components. Japanese amplifiers,reel tandberg, teac, Tape decks like Pioneer CT F1000 to give just one example.
I am trying to build up a portfolio from wich later I would like get big enlargements and sell them as an artistic photographs for decoration purpouses.
If you have one of these vintage gear in mint or perfect cosmetic conditions available (since is just meant to be photograph it doesnt has to be working but leds and gauges should light at least) and you would like it to be professionally photograph please let me know, in exchange i am offering a high resolution file (not a print, just a cd with all the images so you can print at your preference). I am a professional photographer here in NYC shooting only with high resolution cameras and high end optics, delivering files capable of more than 40x50 inches prints. Although I shoot mostly fashion and commercial work, you can see some of my work here:
I will come to you with my lights and camera at your time and convenience but I would like to do this within New York City.
Please let me know if this is of your interest and we can talk more about the details

Thanks for looking and happy holidays.
I'm one of the biggest collector's of vintage on the east coast mac , altec etc
Seems like a 'coffee table' book is in the works, and that would be great as I do not think there is any about. A suggestion. Often on e-bay hi end brochures of gear go up for sale, often for over $100. Perhaps contact with these people so photo could be included would be worth while. Don't know if any rights issue exist. So, let me know of your success as I would love to buy the photo's and of course the book it self. I can see your book on the shelf at TASCHEN now. Stop in there New York City store and you can see some great photo books. Perhaps TASCHEN will commission your book.
Thank you for the information, I hope someone will be interested.
happy holidays