Looking for user feedback for the Acoustic Solid

turntables including associated arms and cartridges. Only a small number of reviews are found (enjoy the music-stereo times).

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Dear Bornie: The Acoustic Solid is the same TT that the two Acoustic Signature Analog One MK2 that I own.

This is the only non-oil bearing that I know and this bearing design is really a great one that works excellent.
The TT has, too, an external and excellent power supply that generates its own electrical signal, so the external TT motor is free of any electrical contamination/fluctuations.
You can accomadate up to three tonearms and up to three motors ( I prefer only one ) and you have to use ( add-on ) a good antivibrational footers instead the own TT footers that are really bad.

The speed accuracy and speed stability is world class and these and the all metal massive design make that this TT has a great performance and could compete with the best out there.
It works fine, I never had any operational troubles/problems with it: bullet proof design.


Highly recomended.

Regards and enjoy the music.

Terrific feedback that I really appreciate. I'm looking at the Acoustic Sold "One to One" model in particular. Also interested to learn if you have any experience with the WTB 213 or Hadcock 242 tonearms? Lastly, which phono amp are you using and cartridge.

Thank you,

Dear Jack: Mines are similar to " The One ". But the main One to One design is the same. Please e-mail me.

regards and enjoy the music.
Hello, I am also considering the purchase of an Acoustic Solid TT. The one to one with the WTB 213 tonearm. Did you purchase one? If so, Did you replace the footers? What did you replace them with. Lastly are you happy with your purchase? I would greatly appreciate your comments.
hello Bornie, well first of all I must say I own the Acoustic Solid One to One turntable. At first I was decided to get the Acoustic Signature Mambo but due to a bad distribution in Spain I finally decided to get the One to One. As Raul said the turntable is a non-oil bearing model and you can place up to 2 tonearms (the SME base for SME tonearms is included and later you can get extra bases for any kind of tonearm). The turntable also comes with an Acoustic Solid tonearm (a modified Rega RB250) and an Ortofon moving magnet cartridge. I also bought the external power supply as an extra accessory (about 400 USD) but it is a MUST. About my tonearm I´m working it with a SME IV (I´m sorry but I haven´t had the chance to listen the Hadcocks), a Koetsu Black Goldline cartridge and a Lehmann Audio Blackcube Decade phono preamp. About the spikes they are better than the ones from Acoustic Signature models but get an isolation system when you get a chance. Mine is placed in my Finite elemente rack with ceraball feet but I´m thinking about the Acoustic Solid Stand one. I couldn´t be more happy with this TT.Highly recommended. If you have any doubt please don´t hesitate to ask. BTW here you have a review of the One to One:


I am having issues with my motor on my Acoustic Solid Classic Wood. It is a brand new set up and I am finding that I have to adjust the motor every time I put a record on. Sometimes it plays way to fast and other times way to slow. Has any one else had this problem? Is it a defective motor? Do you have to adjust the motor at all once you get it set up?
Anyone know where I can find the prices of these Solid and Signature tables? I'm having a tough time finding them.