Looking for used DAC for Squeezebox 700 $

I am looking for a DAC for my Squeezebox Classic. My other components: EPOS M22 speakers, Special amplifier sounds similar to Creek Destiny.

What I need from the DAC:

XLR output (must)
Volume control (nice to have)
warm, airy sound

What I do not need/ what is not important:

- fancy style/look
- usb connectivity
- more than two inputs

What I have found sofar:

Apogee Mini DAC
PS Audio Digital Link III.

Any suggestions?

Those are both good choices. Also Cambridge Dacmagic and MHDT Labs.

Which MHDT did you mean?
Im second the Dacmagic, even though it has USB and more than 1 input. Can't go wrong with this unit.
I have never heard one, but the Bel Canto Dac 2 fits your needs and seems to be a bargain.
some of the older Theta DAC's are nice. We are using a Pro progency A with the squeezebox. These can now be had for 100 - 300 dollars used.
I have used a Bel Canto DAC2 in a similar setup it has both optical and coax inputs (switchable) and has a very smooth sound. They are frequently on A'gon
Love my PS Audio DL III, smooth sound, two different sample rates and balanced out!
Thank you to everyone for the valueable inputs