Looking for used cd or dvd player for my system

Right now I have a sony 77ooDVD player. I have Sim titan,EAD sig. Aerial 10Ts. Looking for something more musical, more soundstage. I have never heard any threads about the merdian DVD players can anybody help thanks Open to all suggestions.
Marantz DR-6050 $379
These are refurbished.
Accessories4less are a viable retailer. Good service and pricing.
With the other equipment posted, I presume your budget would be substantial? And from the post title, it seems you are only interested in 2-ch performance? And are you interested in SACD or just redbook?
I am looking for a one box that plays music first and video second I listened to the merdian DVD 596 player and was not impressed My sony sounded 777 sounded just as good. Im thinking of buying a uses 9000 ES and have it moded from mod right. what do you think. If you think i could get better sound from a used cd player I might go that route and keep my 777DVDplayer which I had modded from Stan Warren thanks.
Unless you want to spend big money,I think your on the right track with the mod. 9000es. I am currently waiting for EVS to come out with a mod.