Looking for tube preamp with remote volume ??

I would like to try a reasonable priced tube preamp to use with my Classe SS amp.
I'm open to new or used but I MUST have a remote control volume.
A phono board for LO MC cartridge would be a plus too.
I know my selection criterion severely limits the number of units available but can someone please make a suggestion?

hmmmm,what do you consider to be reasonibly priced ?
C-j Premier Fourteen. There aren't lots around, but you'll find one if you're patient.

Almost bought one myself but it's short a few channels for my multichannel system.
BAT VK3i, phono board with switchable gain is optional and can be added in after. Remote is also an option, but many units had it. Not sure if it can added later. With phono and remote, should be under $1.5K.
$1,000 or less would be nice but up to $1,500 will work.
Audio Research LS 15 or 16. Nice clean sound, not overly euphonic like some others. Excellent customer support.
VTL 2.5 usually sells used for about $750. Remote is included and phono stage ought to be for that price. A lot of bang for the buck.
Tube Audio Design TAD-150.
I've been extremely pleased w/Rogue Audio Magnum 99(tube).Pairing mine with tube monoblocks but have read that it is commonly used w/SS amp.Under $1500 used