Looking for Tube Preamp with Phono and Headphone

I currently have a Rowland Synergy II preamp without a headphone section and a Sonic Frontier Phono1. Would like to find a second tube preamp that has both a phono stage and Headphone section. I'm keeping the Rowland. Any ideas?
The Mcintosh C2200 fits your bill.
It might be easier to find a tube preamp with phono and the add a decent headphone amp out of the tape outputs. There is lots of information on headphone amps on headwize.com, and maybe some in the forums here.
Rouge 99 or 99 Magnum would work. Recent Favorable reviews from Stereophile and TAS.
The Audible Illusions M3A is an excellent preamp with phono and headphone out. You can look up reviews in the Stereophile archives. It was rated class "A" for a long time. The headphone output is one of the best along with the phono stage.
I've heard very good things about the AI3a, although if you want a remote, you won't get it there. The Rogue 99 has remote and phono, but no headphone out. It has two RCA outputs, tape and amp, so if you are planning on using a tape deck, you wouldn't have anywhere to hook up a headphone amp.
AI3 is a great preamp but with weak phono(realy mean to compare to SFP1).