Looking for tube amp suggestions

I've had a pair of Zu Druids for about 1 1/2 years and also have an Almarro 318b set integrated driving them. This type of speaker and tube amps are new to me. Prior to this I had a tube preamp and an SS amp with a 3-way (4 driver) speaker.

I live in Bangkok, Thailand and don't particularly like air conditioning. (Except when using the amp, a fan is all I need.) My room is 13 x 17 with 7 1/2 foot ceilings. The 6c33c tube is VERY hot. I'd like to know if there are other tube options that will be significantly cooler than the 6c33c tube. I'm open to any circuit type.

Thanks for any advice. Bill
2A3, 45 and 300B amps all would run MUCH cooler ... SAC Thailand makes some BEAUTIFUL custom amps
Zu had our S-30 for a long time- as we did the Druids. The Druids and the S-30 are an excellent combination and you get about 40 watts per channel, so it would be impossible to overload the amp in your room. You can remove power tubes from our amps so you can reduce the power/heat level to assist with the heat.
Significantly cooler tube options for the Almarro 318B do not exist. If you love the music of this Amp, I recommend using a fan.