Looking for tonearm inspiration

I just bought a used SME 20/12 turntable that is about 15 years old.  I also had a used 

Dynavector DRT XV-1s rebuilt/are tipped.  Odd as it may seem, there was no tonearm with the turntable.  I have yet to identify what the phono stage, but listening so far suggest a Sutherland Loco (still open to alternatives).  There must be many out there that have had experience with the SME 20/12 turntable and perhaps a few that have had experience with the SME/Dynavector combination.  Can you suggest a tonearm that had some magic for you with either bit of gear?  Wide range of music: Rock, Jazz, Female Vocal and a bit of Opera from time to time.

Denon DA-401
Victor UA-7045 / UA-7082
Fidelity-Research FR-64fx
Fidelity-Research FR-64s
Lustre GST-801
Technics EPA-100
Technics EPA-100 mkII

Nice list @chakster 
Got both Victors, FR-64x, Sony PUA-7. Ikeda IT-345 is pretty cool as is the Denon. Lustre GST-801 is beautiful too. I love these vintage arms for their ability and look. Love the classics. 
@atmasphere if not headroom explain how those 25 watts can handle the Scintilla. 
It can't. I distributed Apogees in the 80's. Heard the Classe amps on Apogees including Scintillas many times. They drove them but the sound was awful, big upper base hump and nothing else. If this is audio nirvana for you then you dont know what music sounds like.
Chak, as I understand it the Pro version of the FR64/66fx is simply one that comes without the anti-skating device. A bit of a mystery actually, ’cause why should a pro user go without it and us regular folks supposedly need it and cartridge manufacturers advise us to use it also?
Not a mystery at all. "Pro users" refers to radio stations, DJ's etc where they use cartridges tracking at high tracking weights. The higher the tracking weight the less important antiskate is.
I'd take a Pro version of the FR64/66fx if the price was right. Yup mijostyn, I'd even put a old chisel  monster on it. LOLJust depends on what your looking for.


Dear Dover : I don't owned the Scintillas and only was an example and from what I remember about it does not sounds auwful. Things could be that you are a tube audiophile and remember that we are talking of the Dr3-VHC ampp that was designed to many years ago and certainly not up to the quality performance levels of more comporany amplifiers.

Please don't have a any doubt that if I know something is about MUSIC sound, Period.

Btw, with which amps you experienced lovely sound through the Scintillas and with which kind of music and at around which SPLs?, thank's in advance.

Btw, the top Apogee really " dance " and I don't know why Apogee disappears, pity.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,