Looking for thunderstorm audio CD...

Does anyone know of a good thunderstorm audio CD? The kind of recording that sounds so good that you will swear that there is a thunderstorm. I have heard some good ones before, but more than a few have musical instruments playing along and I don't want that. Any ideas?
The best I have heard is the MFSL vinyl "The Power And The Majesty". This was their first or second release. Though I don't find it very interesting it may be the finest recording I've ever heard. Not only can you discern the individual drops of rain left to right but the depth is incredible. You can even follow minute sounds going from top to bottom. It's so good it's almost visual. I'd be glad to loan you my vinyl if you would take good care of it and promise to return it in a timely fashion.
There is a CD called Stakkato!, which has a bunch of different tracks of solo instruments and other sounds, including a relatively serene, as I recall, thunderstorm (although it was real enough in my friend's system to send his dog scurrying under the bed). Probably not in the same league as Lugnut's suggestion. It also has a shattering glass cut that had my wife running out of the kitchen in horror to see what I was doing, a bowling alley, applause (great for the ego), various nature cuts and cars and a 737 taking off that at high volume triggered the tube-saver circuit of my ARC Classic 150 amps. Lots of fun.
Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite on Telarc has a real thunderstorm recorded on it in a separate track that will stress your system some. The Grofe ain't bad either.
Do a search on allmusic.com for thunderstorms as "title", for nature this one stood out. This is the same one I've purchased for my parents mini-dachshund, Willie last Christmas. (No he didn't get scared).

I have a recording of it playing around 70min continuous rain & thunderstorm. and If you want, I will be more than happy to make a copy for you. Let me know!

There's the thunderstorm at the beginning of the horrible "Fresh Aire" by Mannheim Steamroller. Another triumph of audiophile sonics over musical communication.
Sorry, "Fresh Aire" does have instruments, even if calling it music is stretching it a bit. There was a series called "environments" in the mid 70s, and one of the discs was just thunderstorm sounds.
Hey Marty how do you like that "fresh aire" stuff anyway?