Looking for those running modded MG3.6's

Am gathering info for an Magnepan MG3.6R mod in the near future. Looking for feedback from those running these units with custom passive crossovers, internal and or external, and how you like them. MUG is next for the same thread search question.
Have you gone over and looked at the Audio Asylum Magnepan board? They should be into all the stuff you are seeking.
The board name is: "Planars/Statics/Ribbons". you can acsess it from the main Audio Asylum page.
(I just bought a pair of 3.6s amonth or so ago. 8^)
I must admit that my setup is not passive but, here are my thoughts...

I am running the MG3.6R's with a DEQX. After much research on the DEQX forum I settled on a linear phase 48db crossover at 300hz. The result over the stock crossovers is fantastic. My setup includes dual subs crossed over at 50hz. The DEQX came to the rescue with limit filters to help the 3.6's and subs meld together.
Thanks Lance1200,
I am suspecting the DEQX in use is by Behringer? How much power per driver are you using, and have you by passed the internal X-over too?