Looking for the right integrated amp.

I am new to this world, but already in love. Music is everything to me, and so excited to be building my vinyl collection and system. I recently purchased Monitor Audio silver RX6 speakers. I also happen to have a project tube pre amp for my turntable. (The pre amp I am happy to use, but if I can get the right integrated amp and do not need the pre amp, I am open to that too). I will be playing mainly vinyl and all genres of music, I would love to be able to occasionally play from my computer or other digital sources. However, my main objective is my vinyl.

My room is about 15 x 20.

I am leaning towards solid state or a hybrid. Although I am open to hearing about tube, as I do not want to overlook anything.

I am also open to doing seperates if it makes sense in my price range.

What amp would you recommend for my speakers? I am ok with spending the right amount on a good amp now and grow in to it later with future improvements. If it is an integrated amp with a phono in should I still not use the built in phono and use my pro ject tube pre-amp? I would like to stay around the 2000 dollar mark if possible, but am open to hearing any suggestion if it makes sense to move us some to really get more. I am not opposed to vintage or used equipment if I can get more bang for my buck.

Thanks for any help! I am just so excited to get everything hooked up and to start enjoying it.
I had the S8's, and of all the amps that I tried, the Creek 5350SE was the best. Not only does it sound good, its laid out in such a way as to give you a lot of upgrade choices.
The Creek 5350se that Zd mentions is a good choice although you would probably have to purchase used as it's been discontinued and replaced with the new Evolution line. Another good choice would be the Rogue Sphinx. As far as phono is concerned, both the Creek and Rogue are supposed to have good built-in phono preamps but I would try both before I made up my mind. Just connect your Project to an Aux input on the integrated and switch the cables back and forth until you've decided.
The recent audio expos I attneded have CYRUS electronics paired up with with MONITOR speakers
Two great recommendations above. One positive (or negative) regarding the Sphinx is the ability to swap tubes to tailor the sound to your liking. I had the Medusa in my system on demo and it was excellent -- spatially one of the best I've heard -- but a little on the "white wine" side so the ability to swap tubes was a welcomed option. I'll throw in a used Hegel H200 as another option, or if you can stretch and get lucky perhaps an H300. No phono input, but you've already got a phono pre and you'll likely just end up upgrading to another external phono pre down the line anyway. Also noticed an upgraded Ayre AX-7e for sale here in your price range. Haven't heard it but a great company with great products so may be worth a look too, although only 60 Watts and not sure if that's enough for your speaks. I know Zd has experience with Ayre gear so maybe he has thoughts on if that's potentially a good choice. Anyway, best of luck.
Check out the Croft Acoustics integrated. It is a hybrid with a tube phono and a 40 watt Mosfet power amp. It is point to point wired and goes for $1895. I think 40 watts would be plenty for your 90db RX6 speakers.
I would try the Peachtree 220se integrated amp. I believe they offer a 30 day home trial. To my ears it offers a neutral sound and a good value.
You said that "music is everything to me." In that case, I would definitely go with tubes. One of my good friends swears by his Rogue integrated. I haven't heard it because he lives out of state now ... but I trust his ears.
You may want to also consider an used MF M6i, lots of power and slam fot the MA RX6.
go for cheaper amp ,many suggested amplifier will be overkill for such speakers.Many suggested amps will pair very well with monitor audio platinum speakers.