Looking for the king of mini monitors under $1500


I am looking for a list of the best mini-monitors under $1500 USD new or used.
I am moving my main system into my bedroom, so I need a speaker that does not take tons of room, and can work well in most setups.

I have a few ideas in mind, but I would like to hear yours.
The speaker must be musically evolving first and foremost.
No speakers with glaring errors need apply.

Please let me know what you think I should listen to as well as WHY.

The Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 SE. It is musically involving. Rivals much more expensive speakers on that score. Can use a very good front end because it does highs so well.
I would recommend Spendor 3/5se. I listen mostly classical music, and to me they just sound RIGHT.
Spendor S3/5
I am a big fan of my Dynaudio 52SE speakers. I listen to Jazz, pop, classical in that order. Very warm, detailed and expansive. I also recently heard a pair of Naim n-sat on naim stands and the whole group was very surprised and pleased by the sound.
I have a pair of Proac Response 2. They image well. have great natural presentation of voices, and for a stand speaker the bass is great. I have has ls3/5a, other Proac, Linn, Acoustats and large floorstanders.

I really like the Response 2. Also front ported so the back can be near a wall if necessary.
Nick a few that come to mind in no particular order: StoneImage Audio Rothchilde, Tyler Acoustics Mini-monitor, ACI Sapphire XL, and Onix Reference 1. All are purchased direct from the company and can be had for under $1500.

If your putting the system together from scratch the Onix looks to be a real bargain. They have some type of almost insane deal where you get the Ref 1 and Onix tube amp for something like $1300 and they sell seperate for over $2500.

Another option that comes to mind is the Ohm Micro Walsh. Not minimonitors but no stands needed and only 35"x6"x6". Corresponded with a former reviewer of Soundstage who is totally taken with the speaker.

BW Maxx
Check out the Silverline SR15s. For the most part, fairly easy system matching. These are my favorite speakers in Silverline's range, they have more PRAT and detail than any of the other reasonably priced speakers they sell, and still have that fantastic Silverline midrange. Soundstaging is nice, but positioning makes it or breaks it. It's hard to find them used, but they come up once in awhile. Make sure you're getting the newest generation.
Check out the Quad L 11&12.Great sound,beautiful finish,affordable.

The Spendors mentioned above are worthy of consideration. They are very natural sounding, with a midrange that all classic Spendors are known for. I listened to just about every type of music through my old Spendors, and they never disappointed me.

My son inherited them and he loves them too.
Hi Nick,

I know I alread emailed you some suggestions, but for the archive and other users I thought I need to mention the Omega Super 3R, since no one else has done so. For a price way below $1500 you get electrostatic speed and transparency. The left-over money is enough to buy a sealed sub, which can be nicely integrated with the Omega's. I have and like the Spendor S3/5 as well, but did prefer the Omega's in my own system.

Some speakers I did consider, when looking around for monitors:

Omega Super 3R
Spendor S3/5
Reference 3A Dulcet or De Capo
Green Mountain Europa
Silverline SR 11, SR15, or SR17
Soliloquy 6.0i
Totem Arro

Good luck,

Can't leave out used LS3/5a or better yet new Stirling broadcast LS3/5a V2 which would fit in your budget.
LS3/5a's are not just "king of mini monitors under $1500, but "king of all mini monitors at any price" (period).
Check other thread going on for near-field listening monitor that I started...plenty of good ideas, a little too pricy new but some used should fit in.

Thanks guys.

The ones I was thinking about were:
JMR Twin Mk3 - NEW
Sonus Faber Concertino orConcerto - USED
Focus Audio FS68 - USED if I can find one

Any comments on any of these?

What about SF Signum? they go for about $1500 used and they are just well above the rest in your list IMHO....
Lots of good ideas above.I would add KRK Systems to the list,especially if you live in So Cal.Good luck,Bob
I did find a pair of Signum's, but they sold before I had a chance to get them.
I live in Canada, so I want to buy a pair of speaker from here too. As soon as I bring a non US made speaker into canada, I pay dutys, tax, etc....

If you are in Canada as I am, Focus Audio 688, Totem Mani 2 or Gershman X1 should come around used and they would do the job damn right. Check Stereophile this month for a review of Paradiogm Reference as well.
In reference to Beheme's 7/14 recommendation to a link to a speaker review thread elsewhere, I should caution that that particular reviewer has a *STRONG* bias towards Audio Note speakers. This is not to imply the reviewer should be ignored, but I think his reviews are heavily weighted towards that brand, and as such it is important to keep it in mind when reading the reviews (just like when reading any other reviews)... If you share his preference for Audio Note, then his reviews will probably work for you, if not, then other sources may be better yardsticks for you to go by.

For *my* money, I would spend it on Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors - 1K used (USA Built), Ellis 1801Bs (USA Built) - 1K used, or Opera Audio Consonance Eric-1s (Chinese built) 1K new -- in that order (but all three are excellent, IMO).

BTW: I do not mention the build country to imply one country builds better speakers than another, but rather to use it as a reference for duties purposes into Canada.

find an original pair of Sequerra Met 7's. They do everything the LS3/5A do but cost around $300. They have a much simpler crossover and are also more efficient and easier to drive.

Another option is an used pair of ARS Acoustica La-Diva monitors. A wonderful monitor that sound amazing.
I have a three year old pair of Sequerra Met 7's that I use for work everyday. One of the best "studio" monitors that I've ever heard. Simple, time coherent design.
How about the new kit from North Creek Music northcreekmusic.com the Pegasus it look's to be a killer George makes some great speakers and sure makes a great crossover . His parts are very good and speakers are well thought out. You could find a local wood worker to make the box for you . Marc
Yesterday I listened to a pair of Vienna Acoustics Grand Haydn with Musical Fidelity a3.5 integrated and cd player. The build quality and beautiful veneer finish is immediately noticeable. They use a soft dome tweeter with a new designed front port. It is my understanding they have been recently released. The sound was, as you expressed, "musically involving" to say the least. I have been looking for a pair of monitors about the physical size of the Haydn's. They are certainly on my short list. I would highly recommend you listen to them.
Harbeth HLP3-ES2.
Best under $1500 = Green Mountain Audio Europa; for $1700, you can get the Europa Max http://www.greenmountainaudio.com/
Spendor S3/5 SE. Bought them for my bedroom system when they came out and the more I live with them the more I love them. Every day I find some new positive attribute -- this morning it was admiring the bass the little suckers put out. Not the deepest, but clear and tight.

You'll probably think I'm nuts, but the Polk Audio LSi9's are probably more musical then the bulk of what's been posted. I however have not heard everything posted in this forum. If you're cool with having a "polk audio" speaker then I'd strongly suggest you listen. This is like no other polk apeaker you've probably heard.
I think the most versatile monitor I've ever heard is the Revel M20 (not the new M22.) Plays all kinds of music well. Folk singers in the room with accurate timbre, to rappers with pounding base....
Check out the Reimer's
celestion 700se used.... imo, nothing touches these except the more $$$ sonus fabers (older)
Usher lines....have had most to the above, and I am very pleased.