Looking for the identity of a 70's song

Does anyone know the group (and its album) which sings a song with the lyrics: Sugar honey, sugar sugar honey. I heard this song on the radio as a kid in the 70's during my first visit to the dentist and found it soothing.
Sounds like the Archies, featuring Ron Dante.
Yes if you type Sugar Sugar on Google you will get the lyrics and links.
A song about sugar at the dentist?

Is life not ironic?

Has to be the Archies.
Rrosev, I was a teenager when this song was released, and I found it about as soothing as fingernails on a blackboard. To each, their own. B.T.W., the "Archies" were a pick-up band of studio musicians, and not a real group.
The song title is "Candy Girl" by the Archies. Try the hip-hop version by Nitty called "Nasty Girl". Far more soothing, in my humble opinion.
Tfkaudio, the title of this song is actually "Sugar, Sugar".
I stand corrected.
Tfkaudio, you may sit corrected, if that's more comfortable!