Looking for the Best Sounding 250 Tracks

I am putting together a list of the best 250 sounding tracks of all times. I am compiling this list on behalf of Music Giants who will be offering this music for sale in a digital lossless format. I would like the Audiogon community to help me collect this information. I will provide a list on an ongoing basis of the information collected to be shared with everybody. I would like you to post the following information Name of Artist, Album, Track, if possible track number, record company, type of music (classical, pop, etc.) and why you like it. This is open for any type of music from Rap to opera. I will provide updates frequently in a downloadable format to share with the community. Thank you for your help in this project. Marc
This is the track that shows off your stereo and can put a tear in your eye. MCA Records "Buddy Holly-From The Original Master Tapes" is the album, "True Love Ways" is the track. This track is in stereo and will give you a wall of sound that shows what stereo is all about. Why can't all albums sound like this track?
There are of many great ones, however the following CDs/ tracks must be considered:

Tangerine Dream--"Dream Sequence" Virgin Records CDTD 1 1985 (Made in France)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood--"Welcome to the Pleasuredome" Island Records 7-90232-2 1984 ZTT

Phillip Glass--"Mishima" Elecktra/Asylum/Nonsuch Records 1985 W. Germany

These are your basic redbook cds that are exceptional recordings. Pick 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome', 'relax' or 'two tribes' from FGTHW, tracks 1 & 2 from Mishima, and any track from disc 2 of Dream Sequence which IMO may be the best recording on a cd ever!!

For RW: The Pat Metheny and Porcupine Tree recording are absolutely amazing in dts!!

Thanks for the posting i am up to about 180 tracks I will post them for you in a few days
Rage against the Machine; First album,
Take your pick from tracks 1 to 5
Bomb Track,
Killing in the name,
Take the power back,
settle for nothing,
Bullet in the head.

I'm sure you've considered tracks off Jennifer Warnes' CD "Famous Blue Raincoat". Give a listen to "The Hunter", her follow up record. Specifically, the first 2 tracks; "Rock You Gently" and "Somewhere, Somebody " are sonic stunners.

Also consider "Sistas" by the Jazz/Funk singer Rachel Ferrel, which I believe can be found on the CD "Individuality".

Good Luck


PS Good Luck w/the QSonix stuff as well, I can't get enough time with mine!