Looking for the best pre amp

I need a pre amp to match my Bryston 7B mono blocks with my B&W 801 Matrix III speakers. I listen to mainly jazz, jazz fusion, and late 60's and early 70's rock. I like the halographics of tubes. Can anyone make any sugestions?
As Nrchy alluded to earlier, It would be appropriate to mention your pricepoint for a preamp here. There are a ton of good tubed preamps out there at all levels.
You will get nothing but conflicting advice. I recommend the Exemplar Audio $2500 tube unit, but you will get the most holographic presentation with the solid state H-Cat, or at least I do and I have always preferred tubes.
I don't have a clue how much you want to spend, but Aethetix makes unbelievably good stuff. They have a big range, but it's not cheap stuff. Tube pre-amps don't always match well with SS gear. Klyne makes a great SS pre-amp, but not in the league of the better Aesthetix.