Looking for the best power conditioner or regenerator or any product like it for under 2k.

As usual I can find a ton of things recommended without much comparison between them. I am currently looking at the equi=core line, deep=core, niagara 1200, nordost QB8, and the MC line from high fidelity cables. Completely open to any other recommendations. If anyone has had the chance to compare any of these, please let me know your findings.


@mgkaye ,

I got in at the beginning as soon as Rick introduced the new product line. I bought a pair of MC-0.5's on sale. He hadn't introduced the more advanced Helix yet. I added the DeepCore and system was sounding great. I eventually added two more MC-0.5s and a  CT-2 digital cable which was not cheap. So i didn't have any more funds.




Plixir, but shipping will cost you these things weigh a ton.

Fully balanced power supply.

Hope you have a dealer nearby.

I also have a EquiCore 1800 and DeepCore 1800 and was surprised at how large a difference it made.  I was living in an NYC apartment at the time.

There is a used pair for sale for $1800 on another site right now.

Keep in mind that ALL power passes thru the tiny fuse wires.

Next consider that the energy stored in the Capacitors is the source.

I think the EquiCore 1800 and DeepCore 1800 have a circuit breaker, which many people thinks sounds better than a fuse.