looking for the best music CDR's

cost is not important as I want the best available to burn my collection. Any opinions on what you like and why will be appreciated. Listen to alot of Jazz, Blues, and some classic rock. thanks for your help and as always I get great advice from audio-gon members. Don't think my system matters in this instance but I have Mordaunt-short speakers,Audire amp and pre-amp, Thorens turntable, TEAC CD, and Parasound tuner. Thanks!

What unit are you using to burn your collection? You gave us everything but this one very important piece of information.

Music or Audio CDR's are getting harder to find. The best for my TDK and Sony stand alone burners in order of musicality are:

TDK (a relabled Taiyo Yuden disc and no longer made but sometimes pop up on Ebay. I have only two 50 packs left.)

Maxall Gold label made in Japan (Sold locally at WalMart and if you are lucky you may find the Pro version of this CDR, which is also a relabled Taiyo Yuden disc. I only have two 30 pack of the Pro's left.)

Memorex Black All Use (Again at WalMart, and the most expensive to purchase.)

Friends have used Sony and the regular Memorex with success in their burners and they play okay in my system.

Mitsui CDRs have been praised every where but a little too expensive for my budget.

Last year when it became clear that music CDR's may go extinct, I purchased 10 Maxall Gold 75-pack from Sam's when they clearanced them out for around $9.00 each.

If you find a source, then inventory them. One place to purchase on line is American-Digital and click the Digital Audio hyperlink on the left.

Good luck,
Markertek.com is showing a spindle of 100 Taiyo yuden for $42. Great company to deal with too by the way. Type "CDR " in the search box..
[[Last year when it became clear that music CDR's may go extinct.]]Could you elaborate on this.1st I've heard.I find it hard to believe they will disappear any time soon.....There's a guy over at AA that bought a back up Universal player and stored it so he could play in the future his DVD-A's and SACD's when they stop making them.I think they will be around for years and years to come at least on E Bay.JD
Thanks for the info L. Will try to track down some of your suggestions. The latest batch I used are HPMusic CDR's. My dad burned some on a disc but am not sure what they are. They have an A which is surrounded partially by a circle. I will try to find out what they are. He lives in the Nashville, TN. area and there may be more available. I like the sound of those better than the HP's.

Lori, you still haven’t told us what unit you are using to burn CDRs.

Jd, I’m making an experienced SWAG based on the fact that there is less than a half dozen or so stand alone consumer recorders available. Also, I have seen more and more B&M stores reducing shelf space for them or they just stopped carrying them all together...like Sam’s did.

Wingoguy, I don’t believe those Taiyo Yuden CDRs are the music/audio version. They are ones to use in a PC or a professional burner. They do have some Fuji Music CDRs but I’m not familiar with those.
What not to buy, MEMOREX CD MUSIC these are very unreliable,I got what I thought was deal(at AMAZON) but it was not.The MAXELL GOLD cd music from Walmart seemed very good.I prefer a 1 to 1 speed recording and these never failed like the MEMOREX.
From what I understand, Mitsui are the best for overall quality and longevity. I have used these for mastering purposes and have had great luck and no issues whatsoever.

Otherwise, the Taiyo Yudens are supposed to be a safe bet as well.

I have also used the Japanese made Fuji's quite a bit over the years and they do a great job.

If cost was not any object though I would definitely choose the Mitsuis.
Audiojedi is correct, and this is the generally-accepted view in the community from my research over the last few years. A few years ago there was actually a site that tested about a dozen CDR's. It found the Mitsui Gold to be the best (the ones made in Colorado Springs; those made overseas were not as good according to the report). The next best were the other Mitsui golds, Mitsui silvers, Taiyo Yuden silvers and one other brand. The name of the other brand escapes me, but it was very expensive (like $15/disc) and the author may have even listed it above the Mitsui "Colorado Gold" but was cost prohibitive.

I use both the Mitsui Gold and TY Silvers, and get them when they go on sale periodically at am-dig.com.

Good luck!
I've tried and liked very much the MoFi gold
they sound great, way better than the sonys i liked
What you all think about colourful CD-R Verbatim Vinyl?
I experienced this CD-R has great compatibility with very old CD player to read. My CDP has selective reading to CD-R, not because it's worn, but I think it set up like that. But with this CD-R, I could play smoothly..

I also try Maxell Gold, Fuji, Sony, Verbatim Gold.

Fuji, were exclusively made in Japan.