looking for the best cd transport only, without dac

I have a Hegel H160 with inbuilt DAC and I'm looking for cd transport recommendation for $1000 or so. I have Harbeth SHL5 + and like an open and transparent sound. I've considered PS Audio PWT and other used options. I'm currently using my $75 Sony bluray player for transport and surprised how good it sounds. I've auditioned transports like Marantz and Cambridge. Options like Primare and Audionote I have't been able to listen to, the latter ones used to get closer to price point. There is also the Oppo 203, but wonder about quality of sound sacrifices in jack of all trades box? When I have compared the few transports I've tried the sound quality differences were quite subtle. So have people here done some serious comparisons of sound quality of just transports and have any great recommendations? Thanks

How did the sound of the Lampizator DAC compare to the sound of the Aesthetix Pandora  Eclipse (using the same transport)?

Thank you!

Hey whart, I like Luddites!
I am also using the Cambridge with my Metrum Hex. Sounds fine. Replace an old Merediom
I recently purchased a PWT and like it better than all my other CD players as transports (Marantz, Pioneer and Phillips sacd player). To me it's a lot less digital sounding with out that hardness at higher volume levels specially with the i2s HDMI connection to my PWD 2 dac. 
I have a Bow Technology Wizard 2 for sale. 1250 USD plus shipping.