Looking for the best CD 3-4k

I need a new cd player current used EMC1, but the thing start to having problem. Been searching there are Cary 306 Pro, Audio research CD7, Levinson 390S, any more recommendation.
How about GamuT CD3? Guaranty will out perform all CD player you mention
Resolution Audio Opus 21 is a popular and well reviewed player in that price range.
Bryston BCD-1 CD player at $2,695.
Ayre CX-7e MP CD Player at $3,500.
tent labs & you are truly done.
>>08-15-09: Anhkhoa70
How about GamuT CD3? Guaranty will out perform all CD player you mention<<

It is unprofessional and unethical for the importer of this line to make such a recommendation without disclosing his financial interest.

And to guarantee it will outperform all others no less.

Shame on you.
Surprise yourself, purchase a $60 refurb Sony 595 from Sony Style and see if 3-4K is needed. This is a fearsome test of your ears, and how open minded you can be. Go where no audiophile dares to go, cheap.


It's spelled "guarantee."
thanks for the suggestions but so far none look interested.
EAR Acute
Tripper, Tent Labs is a kit, not a ready-to-go player.

AnhKhoa, please tell us what unique technology does Gamut use that makes their CD player outperform all other Cd players!!

Goone, I like very much the McIntosh MCD301 player, I believe you can get one used for about U$ 3K.
Regarding your picks, IMO the best by far is the ARC CD7, a great option if you find it at a good price.
I second the ARC CD7 recommendation; used and in excellent condition, you might be able to get one either at the upper end of your stated range or a little above.