Looking for Teknasonic Vibration Absorber

I am looking for a pair of the Teknasonic Vibration Absorber Model C-10. It’s that plastic gizmo (from the eighties or nineties?) that sticks onto the back of a speaker to reduce cabinet resonance. I’ve scoured eBay and other sources. Does anyone have any leads for me?
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A terrific product!! Tekna Sonic went belly up about ten years ago, at least maybe fifteen. Machina Dynamica was a major Tekna Sonic customer for many years and I used the smaller Tekna Sonics to damp the top plate of my advanced 6 DOF iso stand from residual vibration. I also bought the last of the Tekna Sonic Dampers that Music Direct had in stock around the same time.
You might consider AGORA Magic Hexa (tweekgeek.com)
for this purpose.  I like them on top of electronics as well.
Fairly priced and effective.

Well this is ironic.   I had a bunch of those that I’d  kept since the 90s.  At least at the time I thought they made an agreeable difference when placed on my speakers.  
I’d stored them for so many years wondering if I’d ever use them again but I’m pretty sure I just threw them out in a recent “old audio gear” purge.   I’ll double check that they are gone but I’m pretty sure they are.
Tekna Sonic Dampers were intended to be placed either on the front or back of speakers since almost all of the speaker cabinet energy is front-back. And if the Dampers are missing the magnetic pad used to attach the Tekna Sonic to vertical surfaces you’re out of luck since each magnetic pad is designed to work *only* with the damper it came with.

An interesting product that works on the same principle as the Tekna Sonic is Acoustic Discs from Golden Sound (pack of 12), each disc is a small 1 inch damper with elastic discs designed for *room corners* but also useful on component cabinets, power cord plugs, tonearm plinth, cable connectors, windows, etc.
Back in the day, I had the Tekna Sonics on the back of my Dunlavy SC IVs. Fantastic--and I wish I could hear a pair of the Dunlavys again with my present gear. I impulsively replaced the speakers with WATT/Puppy IVs (Darth Vader's dust bins) without spousal permission. My wife was not happy and she had a point. It took a later version of the Wilsons, a different room and different amp to truly make it all sing....
Thank you everyone for your input - I really appreciate it.  Yeah, it’s a great product.

I recently put a set on my NEAR 15M’s and have been amazed by the improvement that they’ve made. They were great speakers before, but now I feel like I have really arrived – I am not really looking for anything else.  With the addition of the Teksonics, the sound is now extremely satisfying for me.  

In fact, the designer of the NEAR 15M was so impressed with the overall improvements that the Teksonics made for that particular speaker that he began to install one on the inside of the cabinet as a regular production feature and labelled it version II of that model.  

I actually have two pairs of the NEAR 15M’s, and my friend has a pair, so I am looking to grab two more sets of those Teksonics if I can. So, if any of you have any more leads for me about how to find some,  please let me know.  Again, I really appreciate it.
Has anyone tried the Marigo VT31 discs? Two of these discs have been on the back sides of each of my wooden speaker cabinets for some months now to damp resonance. They have had a very nice effect on my Nola Metro Grand 2s. I wonder whether anyone would consider the Tekna Sonics better still?
I used them on the back of my pair of Monitor Audio Studio 6s to great effect!
Thanks for bringing this product up again. I happen to have both the C-10 and the C12’s. I just put both of these on the base of my new Focal Sopra speakers, and sure enough it tightened up the soundstage.
Sorry but there not for sale now. Too bad someone else hasn’t taken over the design though...