Looking for tabletop ideas for VPI 16.5RCM

I would like it on casters and to have enough room to do scrubbing off to the side (not on platter mat).
Instead of scrubbing why not get a Hand held Steam cleaner which will oviod scrubbing and do a better job..You can still use your RCM either before or after steam cleaning if you feel the need........I have found that Stean cleaning ( at least for me ) has eliminated any other form of cleaning.........

I have read horror stories of melting LPs and ruined labels. I am sure you can perfect the process, but at least for the time being, I will stick to the more conservative route.
I have had my 16.5 mounted on a printer stand for years and it works great. What I did is take the rollout printer table and mount the 16.5 on it held in place with graveti and a peice of masonite that I drilled 4 holes to accomadate the feet of the 16.5 This keeps the 16.5 from moving as I move the stand. I use the keyboard (also rollout) drawer to hold my Record guard mat that I scrub on. Although truth be spoken I do most of my scrubbing on the VPI platter as VPI has indicated that it built to take that pressure. But the stand I bought at OakExpress for about 100.00. I really like this setup as I just sit there and pull out the 16.5 and go to work when I cleans stack of LPS.

Initially I did my scrubbing on the machine, but I found that the back and forth motion caused some play in the mechanism. I really would prefer to scrub off to the side. I use a 12" x 12" cork tile for this.
Do you want 'furniture', or 'utility'? What's your budget? I assume you'll want it at least table height (28") up to counter height (36"). The casters will probably need to lock, since it sounds like you do some vigorous scrubbing.

IKEA has several different kitchen work centers such as this, and this that may serve your needs.

Home Depot has a Rubbermaid product here that is more industrial, and doesn't seem to have locking casters, but gives you an idea.

Of course, you could add casters to any table to provide mobility. Sometimes, when you're looking for something absolutely specific to your needs, you need to think outside the box, and be prepared for some DIY. But hey, that's all part of the 'fun'. Right? (-:

I like the FÖRHÖJA model. Definitely a contender. Not sure the spacing of the shelves is right, but it even allows for storage of "to be cleaned" records. I'd say you set the bar pretty high for less than $100. I'm not afraid to go higher, but obviously something more expensive will have to deliver something worthwhile. Thanks for taking out the time to reply. You get 10 free record cleanings.
I put together a nice table w/casters at the Container Store. As always there is very helpful and knowledgeable staff to configure what you need. Not the cheapest solution but a very good one.
As a bonus to the IKEA purchase, you'll be able to use the word 'FORHOJA' a lot more than you'd normally be able to. "Reckon I'll roll out the ol' FORHOJA", "Time to put FORHOJA to bed", etc. etc. Yes, your SO will become sick of it almost immediately, which is of course the point. Enjoy!
I second the steam process. There are a couple of great you tube videos on how to do it, and it is very easy to do, and I have not had any problem with warping, infact I have used it to unwarp a couple of very thing '80s pressings.
Check this out:


I used two of the record rack modules, a table top and a dolly base. You could have two racks of records and put the VPI on top.

As for steaming, I use it on really dirty LP's before I clean with my Disc Doctor fluid and brushes or on my VPI 17. I've never had a problem with "melting LP's and ruined labels."
Get Walker Audio Prelude Quartet. You won't need to scrub, you won't need to steam. You won't need a bigger area or stand to scrub. Your regimen will be faster than ever and your records will be cleaner than ever. More importantly, they will sound better than ever. Cheers,
Love these threads. The guy's looking for a table, but he gets record cleaning advice. Go figure.

Maybe I should join in, and tell the OP what snow tires to buy.
Mine is on a wood TV tray table. If you needed scrubbing surface, two trays might do - until you find something you're happier with.