Looking for suppliers of speaker grill cloth.

I am in the process of building a home theater in my home. All of my speakers will be recessed behind a wall or in the ceiling. Does anyone know of dealers and or suppliers of high quality speaker grill cloth? I am interested in looking at different colors, types of fabrics, etc. Thanks in advance.
Nanben in Texas
try these two websites:




Both of these places offer several different colors of grill cloth. Hope this helps... Sean
forget specialty grill cloth. it is ridiculously priced, typically limited to 3 or 4 basic colors, and comes in odd sizes. your local "Fabrics R' Us" type of store will have more selection than you will care to browse, great prices and very knowledgable help. just ask. be prepared however, for suspicious, wary or confused looks for the other customers when you're digging through the sale table. evidently, men are an unexpected sight.
I respectfully disagree with Stasis. I have been looking for grill cloth to refinish my 1955 Seeburg jukebox and had no luck whatsoever at fabric stores. I spent hours in fabric stores that had just about everything you could imagine--just no real grill cloth. The difference between grill cloth and regular cloth is that grill cloth is designed to be transparant to the sound--regular cloth will muffle the sound. I've found that searching online is the best route. Do a search (on google.com, for instance) for "grill cloth" and you'll get some hits. I saved a few and am happy to share them with you:






As you'll see from these sites, grill cloth is pretty inexpensive--such as $9.95 for 66" x 36" or 5.5' x 3'(approx. 1.8 square yards). Therefore, save yourself the trouble and wasted time looking through dusty fabric shops for cloth that will muffle your sound. Shop online and get the real stuff. (Note, you'll find more exotic looking fabrics from places that cater to folks that refinish vintage guitar amps and radios. See the last URL.)

Happy hunting!