Looking for suggestions on good BNC cables

.......would like some ideas on very food 75ohm digital with BNC connections. The cables will be used going to an from a digital Esoteric clock. Let me know when you get a chance amd thank you in advance
Blue Jeans Cable, their Belden offering - look no further

As Always Good Listening

Oyaide DB510. Do not listen to it for at least a week, you will want to throw it away. Once it's "broken in" it's a great cable. Not in the "crazy" price range either.
I have a spare 1M Nordost Valhalla digital cable with BNC connectors. This is one of the best in the market.
I've tried 3 cables here. The stock dCS, Cardas Lightning 15 and Purist Proteus Provectus Praesto.

The Cardas improves on the stock (nice upgrade $250), the Purist are even better, but at about $1000 each I think.

What you'll here is more focus, more timbre, more detail...Good clock cables are a big deal from my point of view...
Digital cable performance is dependent, among many other things, on the relationships between the length of the cable, the risetime and falltime of the signal being provided by the component that drives the cable, and the propagation velocity of the particular cable.

As is almost always the case, the risetimes and falltimes of the outputs of the Esoteric clock devices appear to be unspecified. Therefore, if possible, it would be desirable to try to arrange a trial of two or three different lengths of whatever cable(s) you decide to pursue. One of those lengths should be 1.5 meters. See this paper by Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio.
The cables will be used going to and from a digital Esoteric clock.
While I'm not sure exactly how you are using the Esoteric clock, a point to keep in mind is that the cable connected from its output is presumably much more critical than the cable connected to its input.

-- Al
I am using a Cabledyne silver digital cable from DAC to Computer BNC-BNC. Sounds better than a USB connection, IMO
+1 for another jedi's recommendation for the Black Cat Silverstar 75. Originally I had a McCormack/Mod Squad Wonderlinkthat I replaced the Silverstar 75 with. The BNC end of the Black Cat is a lot easier to deal with overall than the Wonderlink. The Wonderlink is a bit bulkier all around and could strain on your RCA plug if you were to use an RCA male adapter with it. At least that is what I experienced with the Wonderlink.
I auditioned 5 separate cables for my system over the course of 6 months and ultimately ended up with the Kimber KS 2020. Actually, my wife who plays piano and is very difficult to please immediately noticed how much more the highs opened up and seemed more coherent top to bottom, even cold, and just got better.
Great cable