Looking for suggestions on best small footprint speaker under $4K

i’m a long time 2 channel system guy that rekindled his  interest in music and Is looking to upgrade speakers.    I just currently upgraded from a small  tube amp to a 150 W Krell amp and have really enjoyed the improved response from my  7 year old KEF LS50’s.     My favorite Brands of speakers over the years have been Maggie’s and B&W.   I have also downsized  homes and size of speaker is an issue.     Looking for the best sounding speaker for jazz and lite rock.    Attractive cabinets are important to me so I don’t like the looks of golden ear speakers..   25 years ago I loved Vandersteen speakers but they were just not attractive.

As I begin my search what would yoou suggest.   I have started looking at Monitor Audio and Salk but have not heard any.  My budget is $4K.

i appreciate your feedback.

Former Maggie fan here - went to GoldenEar and LOVE them. I think the 2+/3+ are actually very attractive, in a minimalist modern sort of way. 

But if you can't stand the looks of the GE Tritons I'd suggest you take a look at Nola speakers - either the Brio Trio or Boxers. Highly musical, unboxy and a bargain. I had Alons (now Nola) about 10 years ago and they were  terrific. For someone moving from planars to cones and domes, Nolas are a must audition.
You should consider the Quad Z4 they are $4,200.00 and they are exceptional. They were originally $5,000 a pair and they use one of the best ribbon tweeters in the industry, they throw a huge soundstage and are very transparent without being bright. They also have good bass are easy to drive and look stunning.

We sell a number of great speakers in this price point from Kef, Dali, Paradigm and the Quads are our favorite for this price range.

They have won  loudspeaker of the year in the UK for 2016 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Quad dealers

I highly recommend Dynaudio Contour 20's. It's a bit understated in terms of its looks but the esotar 2 tweeter once broken in is nothing short of amazing (to my ears).