Looking for suggestions on a used Oppo

I'm in the market to replace my Denon DVD-2910 with something newer.

It seems like Oppo players are well liked.

I'm looking for suggestions on whether or not it's possible to get one (either Blu-Ray preferrably, or non Blu-Ray) for around $200?

It seems as though the BDP-83 sells for around $350 or so but I don't want to spend that much. Are there any older or less expensive models I should look at?

Most of the use for a new player will be cd audio listening. I have no use for any 3D features. Just picked up a new Samsung UN40ES6100 so it's looking for a companion.

Thank you!
The Oppo DVD Player (not Blu Ray) circa 6 years ago typically sells for around 100 bucks in new or like new condition. IIRC you can get a new one on Amazon.
Spend the extra 300 for the BDP-103 and you're set for a long while...
You likely won't be able to find a used Blu-Ray Oppo for $200. But you could get the DVD ones for that price. The DVD players are aslo very easy to make region free.
You might be able to find a BDP-80 for around $300. That is what I'd do with a limited budget...

I just replaced my DVD-2200 with an Oppo 103 this week. Your 2910 will probably beat the old Oppo's for pure 2 channel. Most Oppo's are known for their video unless you get into the 83SE or the 95 for $1000. My new 103 has nice quality audio for $500 but I'd be that your 2910 will beat most older Oppo's when playing red book cd's.

If you want Blu-Ray, go buy a Samsung for $89. If you want to upgrade the sound of the Denon, use it as a transport and look at DAC's.

Keep in mind how expensive and feature loaded the 2910 was when you got it.