Looking for suggestions on a used amp or new. $2000/ budget

Hello everyone, I've recently purchased a Emotiva  XMC-1 Pre Amp, Paradigm S6's and the matching center (C5 v.3). I currently own a Emotiva LPA-1 amp. After getting my system set up, I feel that the LPA-1 isn't giving me the feed back and detail I want and might be lacking in power.  So, that being said, I'm looking for suggestions on what amp would push these speakers and give me the sound quality I'm looking for. I'm a movie guy first and music second. But as I get older, I'm leaning more towards music.   I'm currently looking at an older Aragon 4004 or 8008. I've heard great things about these amps and I'm considering purchasing one or both. I'm open to all suggestions, used or new. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

It sounds like you only want 3 speakers driven?  Or do you have 4 Paradigm S6?

Either way, I had the V2 of the S6 and found that Emotiva amps were a bad combination for them as the resulting sound tended to be too bright in my system.

I'd suggest Parasound Halo, either the A21, A31 or A51, depending on your needs.  They can be had on the used market.  the Aragons are good amps as well, it may be that you should have a short list of names, and be ready when one of them pops up on the market.
Thanks for the input,  I actually have 2 Paradigm Studio Monitors for my rears.   You are spot on with the brightness.  That's what's bothering me the most.  I might switch to a different Pre-Amp as well.   Thanks for the suggestion on the Halo.  A few have mentioned that as too.   I might have to listen to one here soon.   The A21 is what I'll be looking at.  thanks again! 
I also recommend the Parasound A21.  I have 2 of them along with the A23 to switch back and forth between 2 channel and surround sound duties.  I don't think you can do better for the price on something that has been proven to stand the test of time.  
Ok, thanks for the recommendation.  I'm going to order a Parasound A 21 and A31 and see how they work within my system.  Thanks again guys!!  
I would recommend you also give Tom Maker's amps a look. Can't go wrong with them. Lot's of power, no brightness, approaching tube amp in detail. And within your budget. American made so easily serviced.

Seeing that you have familiarity with Emotiva and already own an XMC-1, why change brands? I've read herein on this forum that unless you are confident in the impedance characteristics of an amp>preamp match and choose wisely, problems could crop up.

So why not an Emotiva XPA Gen 3?

Well within your budget. 
My system I own now is the first one I've built since the invention of the internet. And every single piece of it is used! I have saved a ton of money! (With the exception of my new Project VS-C record cleaner) I've even sold parts for more than I paid. If I had only bought new, I wouldn't have a system even a third as nice as this one. Audiophiles as a whole generally take fairly good care of their gear, it's not hard to find items 5 to 10 years old for less than half price. I wouldn't dream of buying new! I'm loving my all used system. Even the records and CD's I'm playing are used too! And quite often the manufacterers will still talk to you and help you with issues. 

The aragons are great, though may be getting long in the tooth (cap replacements eventually).  There is an 8008 for sale on agon right now.
I have used an Odyssey Audio HT3 for about 10 years. It is a 3 X 150 watt SS amplifier that works very well in my combo 2-channel / home theater system, powering the front three channels. The one word I would never use to describe this amp is bright. It is smooth, offers excellent extention, and a wonderful soundstage (for stereo). It is priced at $1650, but I would suggest the capacitor upgrade (which I got), for a few hundred extra. FWIW, I compared this, at the time, to amps from Rotel and Audio by Van Alstine, and the HT3 blew those amps out of the water.
Get the new Quad Elite QSP or QMP amps. They compete favourably with amps costing $20k+
Thanks everyone for the input.  I'm still on the fence as what to get.  I think I've come to the conclusion that I need to try a few so here's my list: 

Aragon 8008 
Parasound A31
Emotiva XPA Gen 3 
Anthem MCA 50 
I'm not fimilar with Tom Markers amp but I will do some research on them too!  

gdhal- you mention that you wouldn't mix and match components, is that really an issue? 

Definitely the Parasound A31 or A21, first.  Got several A21's and the JC1's and JC2 - all are superb with almost any speaker.

However... my close 2nd... and... maybe my first for the money... is the "ClassDAudio" SDS-470C at $700.  Regulated linear power supply, so no "class d" sound issues.  To me it sounds almost identical to the A21, and they have multi-channel amps also for very good prices.  Much lighter, cooler and cheaper.  I've had mine for 3+ years - it's been great!

Thanks Yogiboy, I'll look adding the FET to the list, 30 day return makes it a no brainer. 

Bassdude, I'll check out the ClassDAudio too. 

Thanks Again!!!  

The he wife is going to wonder why the helll are we getting so many heavy boxes!!!!!😬