Looking for suggestions for balanced power conditioners

Looking for cost effective (less than $1500) balanced power conditioner that has at least 8-10 outlets, need some suggestions as to what is available.
I bought a Furman IT Reference 15i as a demo unit for about $1600. I'm happy with it.
You may look at PI Audio Group.
they will custom yours according to your needs.

Lot of Good reviews about the Uber Buss.
Mine is expected by the end of this week.
I'm very pleased with my Core Power EquiCore 1800. Underwood was selling them for $1399 but I see the price was raised for the new version.
Keep an eye on the classifieds for a used EquiCore 1800.

I second the 1800. I am awaiting a Deep Core to compliment it
Decware ZLC crushed my Furman Reference 15i (no offense to the poster), but only has 6 outlets.