Looking for suggestions for a new matched pair of 2A3 tubes

Hello, I own a pair of Cary 2A3 Monoblocks. I am looking for suggestions regarding what to retube the match pair of 2A3 tubes with? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Best suggestion would be to contact Cary. As far as other alternatives, the "best" tube would be a pair of RCA Cunningham mono plates ca. 1930. These are extemely rare and even tougher to find in a matched pair. Almost just as good are the RCA NOS double plates (black) and Sylvania NOS, early 1940's. If you're looking for new production tubes, the platinum pair Sovtek mono plates are an excellent value. Just keep away from Chinese makes. Hope this helps.
Call Ron Welborne from welbornelabs.com. He sell KR Enterprise 2A3's. These are the best new 2A3's made. And the most expensive. I have them and think that they are sublime.