Looking for suggestions for a 'new' cassette deck

I am looking to add a cassette deck to my system. Any ideas on a 'new' in the box model I should look at? Bought a 'used' Nak a few years back - never worked properly - worn belts, idler wheels, etc.
Look at pro audio dealers like Sweetwater Sound or Kentucky Pro Audio, they carry quality cassette equipment.
Look through second hand stores like goodwill. Sometimes they have nice decks that is if your not into spending a fortune. I found a JVC from late '70s I would say (has needle VU's-way cool) for like 10 bucks. Looks and works like new. I use it to make killed diller tapes for the road.
I would take a look at Tascam, they still make great sounding cassette decks. You may also want to look at DAT, I have 2 in my system for over 10 years without any problems at all. DAT tapes are readly available and you can record 2 hours of music per tape.
I've always enjoyed Naks. You might consider having the deck professionally overhauled. Stephen Sank worked on my 581 (sold) and my current CR-7A.
See if you can find a used Tandberg or Revox on Ebay from a highly rated seller.